Menu Design

Menus are one of the most important pieces of marketing and sales materials available to restaurateurs  A well crafted menu will not only drive increased sales, but assist in directing customer to the purchases you wish to sell more of.

As a restauranteur your menu is a critical piece of brand collateral. Your menu is both a necessary requirement and a piece of marketing material. Unlike the majority of your marketing efforts, your menu will be seen by all of your customers and visitors. This is a unique advantage that few other businesses have. So nailing the design of your menu is a key effort in your overall marketing plan.

Menu Design Psychology

The psychology of menu design is essential in designing and creating a menu that entices your customers and convinces them that you serve the best on offer. Your menu should express your eatery’s character, center around your general business objectives, advance your productivity and entice your customers. To achieve those objectives and do them well, you need to focus on your menu building. It’s not as basic as posting your things and jotting a cost. You must consider it and take time to plan it.

Why choose Kaizen Brand Evolution?

As a design studio our team understand the psychology of menu design and how important it is for us to deliver a menu that not only looks good, but functions well and plays on the psychology of your customers.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we have designed hundreds of menus for bars, restaurants and cafes all across the country. Our understanding of many market sectors and the ability to draw from our experience, ensures we are experts in menu creation. We have one of the largest design studio teams in Belfast or Dublin and our focus is always on developing the best menu to suit your business needs.

Menu Design Examples

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