Billboard & Adshel Design

Bigger is better right? Well, you don’t get a much bigger advertising opportunity than 48-Sheet or 96-Sheet billboards. When you are marketing at a local or national level, a graphic design team that understands how to create impactful out of home advertising is critical to your project’s success.

Designing at scale for outdoor advertising purposes requires consideration for many elements not required in other design functions. Visibility while in transit is critical and our team always suggest’s a less is more approach to your roadside advertising designs.

We also highly recommend pairing back your billboard design to only a core focus on each design. Statistics show that you have approximately 6 seconds to make an impact with your Billboard design – So make it a good one!

Billboard advertising can be a little daunting for a lot of marketers. Many brands may be put off because they think billboard advertising belongs to bigger brands. They may view it as a higher risk project than other more measurable forms of advertising, or they may think it may be outside their budget. 

In fact, billboard advertising can be a lot more affordable than people think. And there remain few quite so powerful means of getting your message across.

Out of Home Billboard Design

This is where we come in, at Kaizen Brand we have expertise in all manner of outdoor advertising, our team have designed adshels, billboards and backlit light boxes for companies all across Belfast and Northern Ireland. These outdoor advertising opportunities are the perfect way to get your branding out there and in the face of clients, as well as potential clients who might not realise it now, but need to avail of the services and products your company offers.

We work extensively with Clear Channel NI, Northern Ireland’s leader in outdoor advertising. With a diverse range of products including: billboards, Adshel Live digital screens, Adshels and retail opportunities using a partner such as Clear Channel, your brand can target specific segments of the Northern Ireland market or the entire population.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Billboard Design

  1. Do Develop Concise Text

    Six seconds is noted as the industry average for reading a billboard, so it’s important to design billboards that are both compelling and easy to read. Concise written messaging is central to this, your billboard should contain no more that seven or eight words.

  2. Do Create Consistent Branding

    Billboards work by building brand awareness and recognition amongst your target audience, compelling customers to engage further with your messaging online. For them to realise their full potential, they need to be branded in a consistent manner, using the same brand identity that defines your online channels.

  3. Don’t Be Too Clever!

    Maybe this sounds counterintuitive – but in the same way that a boring or unimaginative billboard may be ignored, a Billboard that tries to be too clever in terms of messaging can be lost on the audience.

  4. Don’t Make Your Logo Too Big or Too Small

    The use of your brands logo is essential for building brand awareness on a Billboard. Your logo needs to be large enough for customers to recognise and engage with it, without compromising the integrity of the ad or distracting from what you’re trying to say on your Billboard.

To discuss a creative project for your business, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.

Billboard and Adshel Design Examples

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