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In a digital world, we often overlook some of the most tried and tested opportunities to engage our customers. Brochure and booklet design is still one of the most effective opportunities for your business to develop sales and marketing opportunities, and it is therefore imperative that your brochure design is of the highest standard.

We are experts in designing brochures for both printed output and digital delivery. If you want to explore a brochure design project further, please get in touch with our client service team via the contact form or by calling us on 028 9507 2007

Our design studio have created thousands of brochure designs for businesses, charities and other organisations spanning every conceivable market sector. Our experience and knowledge of type, layout and photography ensures we position your brand perfectly, while  providing opportunity to meet the strategic goals of the project, whatever they may be. We understand that the delivery of your brochure may take many forms and so our team of graphic designers can expertly output your brochure design for both print and digital delivery.

Printed Brochure Design

We design printed brochures for every conceivable use and industry. From annual reports to training manuals, sales brochures and gallery collections, we have experience in designing 1000s of brochure designs for businesses like yours

With a partner business in print, we have the unrivalled knowledge of understanding what is required to create a world class printed brochure that stands out against the competition.

Interactive Brochures

In addition to print, we ensure that our brochure designs also work in digital formats. Understanding that digital delivery is often paramount to a project’s success we output your brochure in any number of required digital formats.

Within interactive brochure designs, we can add advanced functionality such as hyperlinks, UTM tracking codes and motion graphics designed to engage and captivate your target audiences.

Brochure Design Process

To start a brochure design project with Kaizen Brand Evolution, please get in touch with our team via the contact form or call us on 028 9507 2007. We’ll explain the design process and make requests for content, imagery and assets we’ll need to start the design. After approval of costs, our team will start by designing the brochure cover as well as an internal spread. By proofing the project early on, this will ensure we stay on brand and meet the commercial functionality required in the design. Once we agree on the overall brochure style, our team will output this promptly and professionally in the agreed formats for print or digital use.

After the brochure or booklet is signed off, we package the file up and store this securely on our internal and cloud based data systems. We also share the files in the agreed output formats.

Types of Brochure Design

There are many types of brochure design we undertake on a daily and each of these brochures may have their own identities. Below we outline some of the most common brochure design types, we undertake for clients.

Annual Report Design - Coillte - Wicklow

Annual Report

An annual report is a corporate reporting document presented yearly to stakeholders within the organisation. It is both a financial overview of the organisation’s performance and the senior level corporate and operational statement to the shareholders.


A booklet is the most commonly interchanged name of a brochure. Some print companies suggest a booklet has a page count of up to 20 pages where as a brochure is 20+ pages, however this is a subjective view. Unbound booklets are known as pamphlets and these are commonly used for sales and marketing purposes.

Company Brochure

Brochure Design - Down Royal Racecourse, Lisburn

The most common form of brochure we design are company brochures. Where a product wants to showcase the organisation, products or the services they offer, a company brochure is more often than not, the most effective way to do so. From a design perspective we will critically review your content and imagery and knowing the intent of your brochure design, we can ensure each element is presented on page in the most engaging manner possible.

Having the unique benefit of having our own in-house commercial print team, we have an unrivalled experience in printing brochures and so will select the most appropriate paper types to compliment your company brochure design. At all times we keep intent and budgets at front of mind.


Bulletins are often relatively short brochures, sometimes single or double page designs. We often see bulletin designs used as monthly newsletters in organisations or weekly for church services across the country. By their nature, bulletins are quite succinct and more direction with information.


For retail operations great catalogue design is a delicate balance of product information, suggestive imagery and a direct focus on delivering sales opportunities. Common examples of catalogues include: holiday brochures or the Screwfix brochure.

Within B2B catalogues due to the nature of some businesses, the content can be quite table and data heavy. We ensure that regardless how much test and information you need to present, that we make it easy to follow and as engaging as possible.


A directory is a listing tool for industries and organisations to include an assortment of detail for ease of use and retrieval. Alongside a company name, a directory may include address, contact details and a list of services provided by the organisation. All details are typically listed alphabetically, but often segmented by geographical area.

Events Brochure Design - Chill Off Licences, Derry


A guide provides advice and information in a vast array of opportunities. It may be a location guide that tours visitors around key tourist attractions. Alternatively, within an organisation it may be an instruction manual with regards to new processes or systems. Guides are often smaller, pocket or bag size booklets and written in a more informal tone compared with full manuals or handbooks.


A handbook provides guidance in situations. Considering the most common handbook we design, the staff handbook. This details the expectations from bother the employee and the employer in any of the vast number of situations it contains. A handbook must be designed in such a manner that it communicates core messages efficiently and without question.


Originally called periodicals due to their publication dates, magazines are often distributed on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Magazines are designed cover any number of commercial activities, interests and hobbies. Magazine design is a mixture editorial and advertising. As with every type of brochure design, content is critical to the success of the magazine.


A manual or training manual provides direct instruction in an array of chosen scenarios. Usually the instruction is on step-by-step format to ensure that even the most complex of tasks can be followed without the need for a physical instructor present. We design manuals for machinery maintenance, processes and other such instances where instruction may be required to solve a particular need if it arises.

Irish Football Association - Brochure Design


A company newsletter is often distributed monthly, quarterly or annually. They provide top level information about the organisation and are particularly useful when teams are dispersed across multiple areas, sites or countries. Newsletters are an excellent way for businesses to informally engage their teams.

Programme Design - Ulster GAA


A programme is a brochure of all upcoming listings for theatres, nightclubs or exhibitions to name but a few uses. Arranged chronologically, it allows the reader to quickly review potential upcoming activities to attend. A programme of events is usually provided to attendees outlining the running order of activities or performances happening at that time or over the course of the event.


University and school prospectus design brings the values to life through the creative process and outputs this in brochure format. Containing information about the institution, its values and how this relates to those applying for admission is a large part of the success of any prospectus design.

What is the difference between booklet design and brochure design?

To us there is no difference in process of brochure design versus booklet design. Many people use the terms interchangeably and this is completely fine by us.

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