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Whether it’s a one story building with a few rooms or a 30,000ft warehouse and office space, everyone within your premises needs to find their way around. However it isn’t just a matter of putting some arrows and signs up, as there can be conflict, meaning what is meant to help just becomes messy and confusing. It’s important to want it to look good, as it is a further representation of your establishment and your brand, meaning you’ll want to keep the trend going throughout everything you do.

Wayfinding design  is much like navigating via waypoints—moving from point to point to point. The skill in designing wayfinding is understanding the visual and physical clues that help pull people through a space without the need for intensive signage. In doing so, the interpretive journey is much less stressful and therefore, much more enjoyable.

Wayfinding is a critical component of every interpretive journey. Certainly signage plays a role in informing and directing visitors through space. However, the most successful wayfinding is that which is intuitive, allowing for a more relaxed and therefore satisfying experience.

At Kaizen Brand we can certainly help with making sure this is done right, and help your design be the best that anybody can find. Wayfinding isn’t any good if it is hard to understand, so our designers make sure that it is both easy to understand and looks fantastic, meaning your customers almost spend as much time looking at it as they do with whatever they have come to see.

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