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Outerbounds Coffee Roasters are a speciality grade coffee roaster and support team within the hospitality trade, with a thirst for excellence and attention to detail. Recognised for unearthing some of the world’s most supreme coffee flavours, Outerbounds boast unique blends from across America, Africa and Asia, to mention but a few. Fondly roasted in the Co. Down scenery, Outerbounds speciality coffee is waiting to be discovered.

Challenge / Opportunity

Adding Value

The task was to transform Outerbounds into a unique identity, focusing on areas that resonated with the brand, promoting their exclusive trade. Outerbounds Coffee Roasters maintain strong hipster routes and this stand-out quality was prevalent, showcasing opportunities to focus in on their outdoorsy naturistic style.

Challenge / Opportunity


All Things Vintage

We met the team behind Outerbounds Coffee Roasters to discuss their motivation to boost brand identity. Outerbounds is an innovative creation of 38 Espresso, who set out to create a modern, premium brand to sell outside of their usual portfolio of coffee. Taking the brand into a new era of all things vintage empowered the development of an exciting brand name, logo and overall hipster identity.



A Taste for Adventure

Outerbounds Coffee Roasters have a distinct taste for adventure when it comes to unique coffee blends. We wanted to capture this when developing their brand identity and strategy. Following the naming process, the logo is a nod to all things vintage, designed alongside retro merchandise, coffee bags, packaging, company boxes and much more. The colours are earthy and retro, encapsulating the brand identity with an outdoor feel. Following the brand creation, we pledge to support Outerbounds Coffee Roasters in the future, with all of their design needs.

Brand Assets
Brand Assets

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