Tasty Grub Club


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  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design

Proper good stuff!

Tasty grub club’s offering is very simple. Pick a meal plan or individual dish which suits you, they prep and cook with a team of highly experienced chefs then it’s delivered straight to your door. What could be more appealing to the modern consumer in 2020.


Adding Value

Create a name and brand identity that will engage and attract a younger professional audience initially but still be attractive to any customer profiling from 18-80 years old. The brand needed to stand out amongst this ever popular market and really express the high quality meal options and chefs on board.



Bespoke Design

We began by developing the naming strategy which all revolves around the idea of a ‘club’. This worked incredibly well for the advertising campaigns and of course the loyalty aspect of the business. Phrases such as ‘join our club’ started to emerge very naturally, and of course the colloquialisms behind ‘Tasty Grub’ gives the brand name a very human feel.



Brand Evolution

Following the naming process the brand identity and logo creation stemmed from a ‘badge’ idea, linking to the club format once again. The colours are bright and vibrant, reflecting the bold dishes on offer. The brand is fresh, contemporary and eye-catching across all outlets. Following the brand creation, we completed a beautiful, user friendly website that makes it very easy to order and of course, join the Tasty Grub Club!


User Interface Design

Brand Assets
Brand Assets

Branding assets

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