Why you should hire a graphic designer for your next project

Posted on: April 9, 2021 3:24 pm

graphic designer | Kaizen brand evolution

In today’s business world more and more marketers have taken it upon themselves to draw up and design their own assets and campaigns. This trend has increased in recent times for a number of reasons. Some of the motivations behind this include; 

  • Business owners demanding more for less
  • Marketers taking initiative and learning new skills
  • Free design platforms increasing accessibility
  • Free design platforms improving in capability
  • Business filling resource gaps (either temporarily or otherwise)

There are a number of reasons why many marketers choose to opt for designing their own assets. Many of them out of necessity and many simply because, why not? After all, designing your own assets is an admirable initiative to take. This being said there are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in seeking professional help. A graphic designer can help in a number of ways;

The finer details

Ability in regards to design varies among amateurs. Many amateur designers can complete work that ranges from passable to actually rather good. Without years of training and experience of completing design work day in and day out however, there will almost always be a discrepancy in quality. And it is in the attention to the finer detail that this can make a big difference. A good graphic designer understands their trade and can manipulate design tools to create designs that go that extra mile towards achieving superior end results. 


Being consistent in your design is one of the primary sticking points for amateurs. Professional design pays attention to your brand guidelines and always abides by them. Without the technical training, many amateur designers can attempt to follow brand guidelines but will invariably fall short. Brand guidelines can be very particular and exacting in the expectations they set. If your design is just a few pixels out you can fall short in producing something that drives engagement or increases enquiries and sales. 

Professional insight

Many of us consider ourselves to have a creative eye. The difference when it comes to hiring professionals is in the experience of creating high-impact design day in and day out. Professional graphic designers have cut their teeth by working with brands every day to solve design problems. Professional graphic designers understand what works and what doesn’t. Design is about more than just creating something that looks nice, it’s about getting results. Work is granted to designers on their capability to bring a return on investment. Designers understand this and they know how to create designs that really deliver. 


Another major difference between amateurs and professionals is in their ability to cope with all manner of design tasks. Amateurs may be able to create high-quality designs for web pages, social media posts or email campaigns, but this may not stretch to whole websites. While an amateur may be able to fill in the gaps for design here and there when it comes to the bigger stuff, it can soon become overwhelming. For projects where you may need to invest more time and money, having a professional on-hand can provide reassurance. By opting for a professional graphic designer you can minimise risk and maximise reward. 

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we have worked with numerous brands to help them create stunning designs that work. Our professional design team work with you to understand your challenges and find design solutions for your problems. Whether for big or small brands, we know how to maximise ROI and help you get more bang for your buck. To find out more about how you can benefit from help from our team of graphic designers get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9507 2007.