Why not update your Wayfinding Design?

Posted on: February 3, 2022 10:00 am

wayfinding design

Wayfinding design is an informative experience, guiding and navigating people through their surroundings. From arrow markers to social distancing stickers, the opportunities are endless to deliver an easily understood wayfinding design.

The goal of wayfinding design is to steer individuals in the correct direction in difficult to navigate settings. To achieve these goals wayfinding design must incorporate the correct language, typography, colour palette and represent your brand identity clearly.

When designing wayfinding, it is important to understand the visual and physical clues that are beneficial and often necessary to pull people through a space without the need for intensive and unpleasant signage.

Wayfinding plays an important part of each and every interpretive journey. Undoubtedly, signage and notices have a significant role in navigating and leading visitors through spaces. Though the benefits of wayfinding prove overriding and effective, providing an intuitive, comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests.

Whether you need to kit out a small workplace or a massive company warehouse or head office, it is paramount that attendees are appropriately directed through your space using wayfinding design.

Invest in your Brand Identity through Wayfinding Design

Many make the neglectful decision to purchase cheap and typical signage for their business. Failing to invest in wayfinding can result in complications for your visitors, leading to confusion and mix-ups for.  Additionally, choosing to use poorly designed and created signage can depreciate your organisations reputation and brand identity.

When developing a brand identity, it is vital to incorporate your brand guidelines and house style into all elements of your business. This is equally as important when it comes to internal assets, such as wayfinding. To promote and represent your brand highly, it is important to remain consistent in your design.

Provide Comfort and Clarity for your Visitors

When visiting your business, you want attendees to feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings. Creating informative and engaging wayfinding design will enforce an understandable and interactive navigation tool for visitors. This will not only ensure they are aware of where they are, where they have to go and how to get there, but it will also enforce a sense of security in their visit. 

Promote your Brand Character through Innovative Design

Through creating and using wayfinding design that is unique to your organisation, massive opportunities are available. Using wayfinding is an innovative way to further promote your brand identity and unique character through providing an exciting, collaborative and engaging journey through your brand location.

Promoting a clear and unique brand character is a beneficial tool for organisations as it encourages visitors to remember and think fondly of your brand in the future.

The Different Types of Wayfinding Design

According to wayfinding expert Ernest Dwight, there are four different types of wayfinding design, including identification, directional, informational, and regulatory signs.


Identification wayfinding design provides an informative explanation to visitors, outlining where they are currently located. Commonly recognisable identification wayfinding signage is used in offices, outlining rooms such as ‘Meeting Room’ ‘Canteen’ and ‘Boardroom’. Additionally, identification wayfinding is commonly used when outlining ‘Toilet’, ‘Bin’ and ‘Parking’.


The most common form of wayfinding design is directional. Directional wayfinding assists in navigating individuals in their journey around a particular location. Common directional signs point out entrances, exits, staircases and overall, provide direction when necessary.


Regulatory wayfinding is a particularly important design, notifying individuals of regulations, rules and laws. These signs are essential when it comes to ensuring safety and compliance. Providing individuals with necessary information, including warnings, guidance and alerts, common regulatory wayfinding can be identified as ‘No Parking’, ‘No Smoking’ and ‘Wear a Mask’.


The final type of wayfinding design is informational. Providing beneficial information to individuals, informational wayfinding is commonly used to provide answers to frequently asked questions, including ‘WIFI Available’, ‘Free Parking after 6pm’ and ‘Children go FREE’.

Wayfinding Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we can help you evolve and boost your brand identity through wayfinding design. We can help you with the design and execution, ensuring this is implemented correctly and successfully.

Wayfinding can be confusing and inconsistent if it is difficult to understand and interpret. Our graphic designers are experienced in creating clear, attractive and unique wayfinding designs, allowing visitors to experience a smooth and enjoyable journey.

We aspire to create wayfinding designs that make visitors almost spend as much time looking at it as they do with whatever they are on-site to see.

To discuss a creative project in for your business, get in touch with our esteemed team of graphic designers via the contact form or on 028 95072007.