What’s the Name of the Game?

Posted on: December 20, 2021 1:31 pm

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Naming your brand, company or organisation… initially seems a simple task, doesn’t it? Often, organisations jump at the first name they think of. Doing this fails to consider the vast opportunities presented to them when choosing a brand name.

A name has a massive impact on your company. It is an associative term used by customers, competitors, clients and more. It is paramount that your organisation presents a name that links with the company goals, aims and offerings. 

When in the name stage of a company establishment, it is advisory to involve the expertise of a brand studio. Doing this will not only involve fresh ideas but also offers the opportunity to evolve existing concepts, providing an accomplished opportunity to explore the available options.

A Name to Remember

The importance of a brand name is endless. Be it in-store, online or through word-of-mouth, it is the one term that will be consistently used to refer to your company. The importance of getting it correct is key.

Along with eye-catching visionary branding, the name of your business is the point of first impression. In order to make an outstanding first impression, your company name must stand-out and resonate with your brand. The goal is to make an impression to remember, ensuring your name is ingrained in an individual’s memory.

A memorable name creates a memorable company. 

A Name with Optimum Online Opportunities

When making any decision for your organisation, your online presence must be considered. Unfortunately, it can be an area that is overlooked until it is too late when it comes to choosing a company name.

Your company name will be the point of contact for absolutely everything online. This includes website name, social media handles, advertisements and hashtags. If your name is unique to your business, there should be no issues in getting the best possible domain names and social handles, which will elevate the position of your organisation online. However, if the chosen business name is a common phrase, your organisation may face numerous hurdles, resulting in a less identifiable and clean online presence.

Easy to Recall Brand Name

In the modern day, there are an endless supply or organisations in every industry. To ensure your company stands out from the crowd, it is important to hold a recognisable brand identity and primarily an easy to recall brand name.

With an engaging company name, you will gain credibility and achieve a memorable association with customers, clients and competitors. Holding this recollection amongst the public is the key to success. The goal is to be the first name considered in your industry. This is a common occurrence in the modern day, with company names holding industry related connotations.

  • McDonalds – Fast Food
  • Nike – Trainers
  • Hoover – Vacuum Cleaners.

Additionally, if your business name is easily recalled, it will often boost your search engine optimisation. Customers who are seeking out services in your industry are likely to search for your organisation by name, as opposed to searching for a service.

Create your Brand Name with Kaizen

Kaizen Brand Evolution have widespread first-hand experience in developing brands for organisations just like yours. Whether it is creating a brands identity from scratch, rebranding an out-of-date company or creating a revolutionary brand name, we have you covered.

Kaizen recognise the importance of your company name in the process of developing your brand. Whether your naming journey is established or unidentifiable, Kaizen have an incredible team of creative experts that can discover unique insights into your organisation to create an incredible name. 

In order to creative an authentic and convincing brand name, Kaizen conducts intense research into your organisation, involving their experienced team as well as conducting an intense client consultation. Doing this enables an in-depth understanding of the organisation which will incidentally produce a limitless quantity of ideas.

To make the process of choosing your brand name an enjoyable experience, the Design Director at Kaizen will collaborate all developed ideas into justified and appropriate list of concepts. This process enables you to creative informative and measured decisions on your brand name.

Get in Touch with Kaizen to create your Brand Name

At Kaizen, we pride our creativity and attention to detail. If you are considering a brand name and would like to involve an experienced brand studio, get in touch today.