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Posted on: January 24, 2022 10:00 am

website design

Strong website design is vital for any business. Online presence is without a doubt the most important presence any organisation can have in the modern day.

Before we even consider purchasing a product or service, we conduct research online, navigating websites, comparing options and ensuring our purchase decision is the right one.

The online world has never been more competitive and the only way to remain consistent and relevant in success is to evolve, grow and transform your position in the market.

Does your website need a redesign?

In many things, we get stuck in our ways… don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? Wrong. When it comes to website design, it is important to always be open to change and evolution.

The ‘sell-by-date’ of a website is a unique concept, wherein it differs depending on the business and their current position.

Websites that were professionally developed in the first place may require minor tweaks every now and then to maintain a modern and evolving reputation. Whereas armature and poorly developed websites may require some intense TLC.

Welcome with your website design, don’t discourage!

It is advised that you update your website every few years, to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Online users have become accustomed to the increasing easy access and navigating through platforms. As a result of this, users can become extremely frustrated if this premium navigation is not evident across all websites and applications they visit.

The difficulties that may arise as a result of an out-dated website can be detrimental to your organisations online presence, as well as your overall success. Problematic website navigation can lead to customers going elsewhere, for an easier consumer journey to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, outdated website design can reduce trust in your organisation. The rise in online scams have resulted in consumers taking a more guarded and conscious approach to their online habits. Commonly, a dated and unfortunate website design can raise alarm bells, leading to questionable connotations and reluctancy to trust your brand.

Everything needs an update every now and then

Like everything in life, updates and revamps are required. We all change our car, our bedroom design and our wardrobes without hesitation, why should this be any different with our website design? Although it may continue to serve you well and function like clockwork, websites get tired and old – just like the rest of us.  

To beat the aging algorithm, it is recommended that you evolve your website design to ensure it remains relevant as time goes on. Website design can be as simple as a few minor updates or it can be a complete website re-vamp, depending on your requirements.

First impressions are key

When creating a business, first impressions are key. The same applies when it comes to website design. Yes, you may have loyal customers who continue to support your brand over the years. But you will also have potential customers, who have never heard of your business before, that need to be impressed.

First impressions are so important, especially when it comes to website design. Consider your website and your physical store to be on equal par. If you knew a brand-new customer was going to visit your store, you would ensure it was presented beautifully to impress the potential customer.

This should be no different when presenting your website. It is exactly the same at the end of the day, a customer will visit your site to achieve a first impression of what you offer. Hence, it is paramount that your website design is also presented beautifully to impress the potential customer.

Website Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are proud to have a detailed portfolio, having designed and developed hundreds of websites for clients universally. From small brochure style sites, to enterprise level e-commerce stores, we can progress and evolve your online presence to boost and deliver results.

Focusing on creating and redesigning websites that provide consumers with a smooth, efficient and enjoyable online journey is the overall goal. At Kaizen Brand Evolution we match creativity and passion with the technical capability to develop your website into one your customers will love.

Don’t forget the data

With the first-hand knowledge and awareness of the competitiveness throughout online platforms, we place a heightened importance on data driven website design and development.

Kaizen Brand Evolution are a data driven company and use these insights to create a detailed understanding of your customer requirements and habits, achieving the most effective and targeted website possible. 

What we offer in Website Design

We are fortunate to hold esteemed experience in website design. Through working with numerous businesses in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, as well as further afield, we have developed a robust understanding of the industry.

Whatever your web design project, we’d love to hear from you. To start your website development with Kaizen Brand Evolution, please call us on 028 9507 2007 or email us via the contact form.