Using Infographics in Your Annual Report

Posted on: February 15, 2021 3:48 pm

annual report

Despite claims that infographics are just a passing fad, they’ve managed to stick around.

And why wouldn’t they? Infographics are great for engaging and educating audiences, especially in Annual Reports. If you’re trying to explain something complex, infographics are a non-intimidating way to walk your audiences through an explanation, step by step. If you want to highlight facts and figures in a report, a sidebar of infographics is a great way to give those stats their day in the sun.

How infographics can help with your Annual Report;

Emphasise a key fact or message

It should be immediately clear what the key message is, if it isn’t then you will have seriously handicapped your design. Most infographics will need a viewer to read more to fully understand the graphic, but the high level – instant take away must be there. All too often an infographic is challenged with delivering too many messages, if this happens it is guaranteed to say nothing to everyone. Keep it Focused.

Easy to understand

The purpose of an annual report infographic is to communicate simply and clearly what the copy alone can’t. If you ask one infographic to convey multiple meanings to a variety of audiences it is most likely going to become confused and disordered. Keep it simple – using a clever visual device or icons help people relate to the key facts, don’t over complicate things with unnecessary graphics that might confuse.

Quick to extract key information

Your average annual report reader will at some point skim through looking for key information or sections they are particularly interested in. This type of reader is looking to get the most information for a limited amount of time spent or effort. Make it easy for them.

Format follows function

Creativity is essential when creating infographics but it must never override the need to convey the key message or information. If you have an infographic in your annual report and it looks wonderful but doesn’t convey the information it should, it is just a pretty picture and should be replaced. Infographics should always have a purpose and should never be used as a visual distraction, doing so compromises all the other infographics and potentially the annual report itself by creating distrust or confusion for the reader.