Top tips to create the perfect brochure design

Posted on: June 9, 2022 5:00 pm

Brochure Design - Down Royal Racecourse, Lisburn

In a digitally dominant world, many mistakenly overlook the traditional methods of promotion in favour of modern methods. Yes, the digital promotional tools are fast, efficient and grant widespread exposure for organisations. Yet, it is important we do not disregard some of the most tried and tested opportunities to engage with customers, clients and stakeholders.

A method of traditional promotion that remains popular to this day is brochure and booklet design. Continuing to hold an approved reputation, brochures provide opportunities for your business to develop sales and marketing opportunities in a physical setting.

Tip 1: Involve the industry experts

It can be very easy for organisations to say “it is cheaper if we do it ourselves”. Yes, this may be the case but it will be obvious. If implemented poorly, this can be detrimental for your brand reputation. The involvement of industry professionals is advised when creating brochure and booklet designs.

Kaizen Brand Evolution are one of the leading graphic design agencies in Belfast and have helped create thousands of brochures and booklet designs for businesses across numerous industries. Our experience and knowledge of type, layout and photography ensures we position your brand perfectly, while providing opportunity to meet the strategic goals of the project.

Tip 2: Create both print and digital brochure design

When designing brochure or booklet in the modern day, we are asked the following: print or digital? Often, the outcome is either one or the other, rarely both. A huge tip is to avail of both opportunities and target audiences in both arenas. Here at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we understand that the delivery of your brochure may take many forms and so our team of graphic designers can expertly output your brochure design for both print and digital delivery.

Printed brochures are a convenient, physical method of promotion, particularly when out and about. We design printed brochures for every conceivable use and industry. From reports to manuals, promotional brochures and information booklets, we have detailed insight into what works.

Furthermore, we have a massive benefit when it comes to printing. Kaizen Print is our partner in business; hence, we have the unrivalled knowledge of understanding what is required to create a premium printed brochure that stands out against the competition.

To guarantee adaptability and functionality, we ensure that our brochure designs also work in digital formats. With digital brochure and booklet design, there are numerous opportunities that can be availed of. The implementation of hyperlinks, UTM tracking codes and motion graphics can be extremely advantageous, particularly in gaining leads, tracking where traffic is coming from and entertaining your audience.

Tip 3: Plan before you place

It can be easy to get excited when creating a brochure design but it is important that you strategize and create a calculated page plan, prior to any implementation. When creating this plan, it does not have to take days to create. It can be rough and simplistic, as long as it conveys the important information clearly. Following a plan is crucial as it ensures no content is missed out in the design stages and all of the important areas are covered.

Tip 4: Organise your brochure design elements

When creating a brochure or booklet design, it is important that you present your organisation in a recognisable way. This requires the use of your brand suite of assets, including logos, photographs, specific fonts and colour palettes.

Prior to approaching a graphic design company, it is important that you organise your elements and decide what you wish to appear as part of your design.

The boring (important) information…

When supplying logos, it is important that you present it as a vector file; in pdf, eps or ai formats. This guarantees the best possible quality for your brochure design.

It is equally important that all photography is high resolution, avoiding any pixelation in printing.

Content is king. Carefully curate content for your brochure design. The material must be catchy and informative, delivering the message in as little reading as possible. It is crucial that you consider the intention of your brochure when writing your content. Representing your call to action at all times throughout key areas in your brochure.

Don’t have a finalised brand suite of assets? Don’t fret! Kaizen Brand Evolution would be happy to help develop your brand identity, as well as create a showstopping brochure design.

Tip 5: Check, check and check again

Like everything, proofreading is a must. Prior to completion of brochure or booklet design, it is important that you request a final draft and carefully go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. It is recommended that numerous people are involved in the proofing process, as some may notice typos or errors that others do not.

Brochure and booklet design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

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