Tis’ the Season to Spruce up your Social Media

Posted on: November 24, 2021 12:30 pm

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Social media is undoubtedly one of, if not the most powerful tool for your company. Whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok, it is paramount to get out in front, promoting what you do to the endless stream of scrollers.

Social media is an incredible platform for organisations to maintain real time communication with customers, clients and the public. Hence, continuously updating your platform is key.

Track your Insights

It is paramount that your organisation monitors social media usage, ensuring you reach the highest return on investment possible. Tracking insights is the first step in achieving this. Conveniently, the majority of social media platforms understand the importance of chasing insights and have made doing this accessible through a simplified in-platform tool. These tools enable social media users to familiarise themselves with their audience through informative measurements such as reach, shares, gender and age range.

Evolutionary organisations can utilise the data obtained through tracking to evolve their social media campaigns, advancing their audience through engaging and informative posts that appeal to them.

Minimal Cost

There has to be some perks in life… and social media definitely has its perks. Cost effective marketing is key for your organisation and this can certainly be achieved with a brilliant social campaign.

Although social media requires intense purpose and time, it holds massive cost-effective opportunities. It is recommended that every organisation invests into their social campaigns to gain the deserved exposure and reach. It is advised that significant research is invested into social platforms, identifying cost-effective strategies that do not break the bank. Additionally, in some cases, free, organic social posts can perform incredibly well which is a massive boost for your company.

Timing is Key

Posting on social media presents vast opportunities but if not carefully distributed, it can get lost in an endless crowd of competition. Timing is everything. You could have an impeccable social media campaign but the benefits are often overlooked if posted at an incorrect time.

Getting to know your audience has never been as simple as it is presently. Through tracking your audience’s activity, you can gain an accurate understanding into their social habits, with active time being one of them.

Posting content at optimal time, when the majority of your audience are active on social media is key. This will encourage their interaction, ensure their visibility and boost your engagement.

Interactive posts

Interactive posts are an ingenious tool that has been incorporated into social platforms in recent years. To maintain interest from your audience, we recommend the incorporation of interactive posts, encouraging them to engage through ‘question & answer’ sessions, polls and competitions.

Promoting these activities will not only boost interaction between your company and audience but will also encourage a more understood relationship. Obtaining insight through interactive content allows your organisation to become familiar with your audience on a deeper level, pulling out their interests, requirements and opinions. Holding an in-depth understanding of your audience is a huge benefit, guaranteeing you the power to produce social campaigns that are relatable, innovative and customer focused.

Hashtags the Limit

Do you recall when Instagram was in its infancy, hashtags in abundance?

#We #have #launched #a #brand #new #socialmedia #campaign

Thankfully, gone are the days where aggressive and incorrect hashtag usage was a trend. Presently, hashtags are an ingenious tool when used strategically throughout a social media campaign. Carefully choosing your hashtags are key, targeting your envisioned audience in a categorised way.

As previously mentioned, hashtags must be carefully considered, appropriate and specific. If correctly implemented, the use of hashtags holds the power to boost your campaign engagement, increase your audience, generate sales and enhance your organic social reach.

Additionally, using hashtags enable your organisation to get involved in conversations and other important issues on social media. Incidentally, when running a campaign, it is advisable to research topics that are trending in relation to your focus and placing the campaign amongst that conversation through hashtags.

For example, if you are running a social media campaign based on the importance of #sustainability, be sure to research the popular hashtags debating the topic and involve your campaign in the discussion.

Keep up with Competitors

Social media is a powerful too, enabling a 24/7 platform to ‘keep up’ with competitors. Although it is paramount for companies to be original and innovative, we all have our competitors. It is important to ensure your organisation is maintaining a competitive edge in the industry and one way to do this is hold a consistent presence on social media.

Customer Feedback

Finally, social media provides an open platform to communicate directly with customers. Use this opportunity to promote your company as a customer focused business and encourage engagement and feedback. Doing this will not only benefit customers, providing them with the best possible service but will also benefit your company, highlighting what your audience wants and incidentally giving you ideas for future projects or improvements.

How Kaizen can help YOU

Kaizen Brand Evolution recognise the importance of a brilliant social media campaign, we understand the detail required to successfully engage with an audience and identify the benefits of monitoring your social insights. Kaizen Brand Evolution differentiate between social platforms and categorise which platforms will work best for you.

Are you seeking to boost your company audience with social media? Kaizen have you covered. For organisations seeking to leverage applauded insights, social media campaigns can be extremely rewarding, targeting the ever-growing users of online communities. Kaizen Brand Evolution can evolve your social platform by creating stand-out designs that are sure to surge your insights.