Tips and Tricks for your Logo Design

Posted on: February 28, 2022 10:00 am

logo design

Logo design is undoubtedly, one of, if not the most important design tool for a business starting out. It is the overall and primary identifier of your organisation. Often the first and most recognisable design element for customers, clients and competitors.

In the initial stages of developing a brand, logo design is often to the fore of importance. As the first step in brand development, there should be a detailed and considerable amount of time spent on logo design. This will ensure that the design begins to take shape how you would like it to, from the outset and throughout the branding stages.

Relatable Logos

When designing your logo, it is important to incorporate elements that are relatable to your brand and your organisation. Doing this will ensure a consistent and recognisable association between your logo and your brand. Failing to achieve a relatable logo may result in your customers failing to develop an affiliation with your design.

No matter how big or small your organisation, your logo must clearly convey your purpose, vision and goals. The use of a professional and identifiable logo design will guarantee your organisation is positioned perfectly for the products and services that you offer.

Logo Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Branding is our specialty at Kaizen Brand Evolution. We have created numerous logo designs for organisations across Belfast, Dublin and much further afield.

We take massive pride in our work and are pleased to say our customers also take great pride in our results. Our widespread experience makes us industry experts, with a keen eye for excellent logo design. Our graphic design team is one of the largest, and our focus is always on boosting our knowledge and bettering our services to suit the needs and wants of businesses, just like yours.

Invest in your Logo Design

Like everything, the amount invested into logo design will depend on your organisation, your aspirations and your end goal.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we tailor each project according to the deliverables and outputs of your design. Our bespoke service offers an initial consultation with clients, to generate a detailed understanding of the logo design plan and expectations.

Once our initial consultation is complete, we will create a detailed timeline and quote for your logo design, ensuring you are continuously kept in the loop of your design journey.

Logo Design Creation Timeframe

For every design project, there are different timeframes required. Fortunately, at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have completed numerous projects to allow us to create a guide timeframe for you.

We are proud to maintain a robust design process that enables optimum output in the shortest period of time. Our guided timeframe for logo design creations is based on the 2–3-week mark but can vary depending on your project.

Logo Formats and Formalities

To ensure you have full accessibility of your logo, we will ensure we provide them to you in numerous formats, including digital and print. We will work to meet your requirements but our most common outputs for print are eps and pdf. On the digital side, we can create your logo design as a jpg or a png.

Additionally, your logo may come in numerous different varieties and all of these will be provided to you in all formats. Whether your logo has numerous different colour options or alternating foundations, we will ensure you have all elements on hand, at all times.

Your Rights, Your Logo

On completion of your project, we pass all ownership of the logo to you. This means that your organisation logo is all yours and you own the copyright. We will send over all files once we have received full payment from you and the exciting part begins. You have full disclosure to use the logo how you please.

Even more, we will keep a trustworthy backup of all project files on our system, just in case you do not have access to them at any stage, for any reason.

Logo Design Flexibility

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we offer full flexibility on our services when it comes to location. Yes, we are a Belfast based studio, however our client services spread far and wide across the world.

Through remote platforms, we can connect with clients to create logo designs internationally. Whether you are in Newry or New York, we can level up your logo design.

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