The Wonder of Wayfinding Design

Posted on: July 7, 2022 10:00 am

wayfinding design

Wayfinding design is an enlightening experience, guiding and steering people through their surroundings. From arrow markers to directional stickers, the opportunities are endless to deliver a simply understood wayfinding design.

Whether you own a small warehouse or a skyscraper block of office space, wayfinding is a must. Everyone who visits your organisation, be it staff or visitors should be able to freely navigate their surroundings in a straightforward manner. The goal of wayfinding is to direct people through unfamiliar settings. To achieve this, a thorough planning and implementation is required, using the correct language, typography, colour palette, all of which maintain and boost your brand identity.

Create a positive atmosphere from the get go with wayfinding design!

We have all been there. Getting lost in a new environment is never fun and often leaves a feeling of embarrassment. This is not the desired association that brands want visitors to create when visiting their organisation. Hence, the importance of wayfinding design.

To combat any confusion from the get go, wayfinding navigation can be extremely useful. When providing navigation, it is crucial to deliver this in an easily interpreted manner, this will not only benefit attendees, it will also assist your staff members by reducing direction enquiries. Additionally, using a unique wayfinding design will help you to promote your brand throughout the location. 

The skill in designing wayfinding is understanding the visual and physical clues that help pull people through a space without the need for intensive signage. In doing so, the interpretive journey is much less stressful and therefore, much more enjoyable.

Seize the opportunity for some shameless self-promo

Designing your wayfinding design from scratch can provide many opportunities to boost brand recognition.  Yes, purchasing typical, generic signage will save your brand time and money but in the long run, it can depreciate your organisations reputation and brand identity.

In order to boost your brand identity at all times, it is important to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Incorporating your brand guidelines into all elements of your business is key, including that of wayfinding design. To promote and represent your brand highly, it is important to remain consistent in your design.

It is often the case where organisations invest highly in large-scale branding, leaving very little budget for smaller scale elements. Wayfinding design presents a unique opportunity, it is designed to be looked for. This alone should encourage organisations to avail of branded wayfinding, guaranteeing a boost in brand representation and incidentally, recognition.

What wayfinding design works for you?


Identification wayfinding design offers an informative clarification to visitors, outlining where they are presently located. This wayfinding signage is frequently used in offices, outlining rooms such as the ‘Meeting Room’.


Regulatory wayfinding is an extremely vital design, alerting individuals of regulations, rules and laws. These signs are essential when it comes to ensuring safety and compliance. Common regulatory wayfinding can be seen in ‘No Parking’, ‘No Smoking’ and ‘Wear a Mask’ signs.


The most popular form of wayfinding is directional design. Directional wayfinding supports individuals in their journey around a specific location. Common directional signs point out entrances and exits.


The final category of wayfinding is informational design. Providing valuable information to individuals, informational wayfinding is commonly used to deliver answers to frequently asked questions, including ‘WIFI Available’ and ‘Free Parking’.

Wayfinding Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have widespread and detailed experience in designing wayfinding. Through working with numerous businesses across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, we have developed an esteemed portfolio in wayfinding.

We can help you progress your brand identity through wayfinding design. We can help you with the planning, design and implementation, ensuring this is executed appropriately and successfully.

Wayfinding can be unclear if designed unprofessionally. Our graphic designers are experienced in creating clear, attractive wayfinding designs. This ensures visitors experience a smooth and enjoyable journey.

We aspire to create wayfinding designs that make visitors almost spend as much time looking at it as they do with whatever they are on-site to see. To discuss a creative project for your business, get in touch with our esteemed team of graphic designers via the contact form or on 028 95072007.