The Power is in the Poster

Posted on: July 21, 2022 10:00 am

Campaign Design poster

Posters, a powerful marketing tool that has been utilised for centuries across the world. Securely positioned at the forefront of promotion since its inception, poster design remains a powerful and influential tool for businesses universally.

The Perks of a Poster

A huge perk of using posters as a method of promotion for your brand would be the exposure they gain. In order to achieve the highest exposure possible, it is important that your organisation considers poster location. Choosing a position that will reach high volumes of footfall is key, catching the attention of as many people as possible.

Additionally, posters hold the power of flexibility. They can be placed on a wall, on a table, handed out to commuters. The possibilities are endless.

Involve the Experts

Poster design remains a powerful tool in promotion, hence the importance it holds is second to none. Yet, a common error of judgement by organisations is to conduct a DIY design job.

Often, DIY design jobs can fail to showcase the business in all its glory. Although this is not always the case, with several DIY designers being able to come up with impressive concepts through platforms such as Photoshop and Canva.

Although this is a cost-effective solution, if implemented poorly, it can be spotted a mile away and affect your brand reputation. It is important to always showcase your company as a premium, reputable business and a poorly designed poster can lead to a dip in this opinion.

A valuable realisation for any business when carrying out a marketing and advertising campaign is investment is vital. When creating a promotional tool, particularly a poster, you know it is going to hold a long-term position in society. Availing of top-quality service will stand the test of time for your company. This will lead to impressive results and the deserved recognition.

A business should always aim to hold a recognisable brand identity. To ensure this, organisations must implement consistent designs to create and maintain a familiar company recollection with customers, clients and competitors.

Remaining consistent in design is key and without professional training, it can be difficult to maintain this. Graphic designers are familiar with remaining consistent through brand guidelines, sticking to agreed fonts, design, colour palette and measurements. Doing this will ensure a distinct brand, constantly boosting brand identity and remaining competitive in your industry.

The Technical Bit

Posters are a unique promotional tool, that target audiences from all different demographics, 24/7. It is crucially important to recognise the different audiences that your promotion will be reaching and ensure that it is understandable for all.

People that are looking at these posters every day, need to be able to read them. They need to be able to understand what exactly is going on and act upon your sales message.

Designing a poster requires detailed creative consideration. From the location, to the distance from which it will be viewed and the level of content that is added.

Poster Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Lucky for you, here at Kaizen Brand Evolution we know what it takes to design a brilliant poster. Stand out from the crowd while using our tried and tested design techniques.

We have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of graphic designers, who have proudly helped many local, national, and international companies get their print marketing campaign right first time. We design with purpose and through a considered discussion with your marketing and sales functions, we will understand and design your poster accordingly.

Whether you need an A3 short run digital poster or an A0 nightclub poster, we have created thousands of poster designs for organisations like yours. With vast experience in poster design of all sizes and for almost every conceivable use, our graphic designers will create the perfect poster design to meet your project goals.

Perfect Poster Design for Every Industry

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have the unique benefit of being part of the Belfast’s’ leading poster printing companies; Kaizen Print. With this said we have designed thousands of posters for organisations across the country.

To discuss a creative project, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.