The Perfect Pitch Deck Design: Explained

Posted on: October 3, 2022 10:00 am

Pitch Deck Design | Kaizen Brand Evolution

Pitch deck design is an extremely beneficial tool, utilised by organisations to communicate with existing and potential clients, investors, stakeholders and partners.

A pitch deck in a nutshell aims to attract, impress and intrigue professionals who can help the organsiation to progress in the future.

Pitch Deck: Explained

A pitch deck is essentially a projected created and used by organisations who are seeking out additional capital and/or expertise from investors. Seeking this out will be an invaluable asset for organisations, boosting their position in the market and their overall industry.

The Important Details in a Pitch Deck

A typical pitch desk design boasts 10/15 impressive and engaging slides, incorporating a brief synopsis about your organisation, your goals and your future vision.

To achieve the overall goal of interest and investment, it is paramount that your pitch desk is implemented to the highest standard, showcasing your organisation in a confident and premium light.

Gain attention Through Graphics

Yes, a pitch deck is going to be placed in attention of professionals with utmost intelligence and knowledge. Yet, visualisations are not to be overlooked and even to the most intelligent professionals in the industry, they are often a blessing.

A brilliant pitch deck design will showcase an interesting content flow and this can be brought to life through an interesting design. The best way to implement this is through topical images and graphics. The use of images and graphics not only showcases your organisation visually, but also engages with viewers in a memorable way, ensuring your pitch deck is effortlessly remembered and to the fore of potential investors thinking.

Additionally, the use of imagery and graphics will also ensure your pitch desk is more exciting. Potential investors will be accustomed to long and boring pitches, with endless realms of informative text, facts and figures; this provides an all-important opportunity to be different and stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge.

Involve the Experts, Reap the Rewards

In order to achieve the optimum outcome for your organisation, the involvement of a professional design team is advisory when creating a pitch deck design.

Hiring a professional graphic design agency is an invaluable decision, engaging with a team of experienced designers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the implementation of pitch deck design.

Whist the content within the pitch comes from you, the delivery of this can be revolutionised through effective design and implementation.

A typical pitch deck is designed through presentation platforms such as PowerPoint, Keynote or InDesign, primarily presented via a projector board, as well as printed for physical format.

When considering the design of your pitch deck, it is important that your images and graphics are premium, ensuring they will be presented in a high-quality format irrespective of the platform the pitch is being viewed on.

Pitch Deck Design at Kaizen

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have an esteemed team of graphic designers with widespread experience in creating revolutionary pitch deck designs. Our tried and tested design process can be implemented for your business, working alongside your team for advisory insight throughout the design process.

We understand the importance of a quick turnaround on design. Through a robust timeline, Kaizen Brand Evolution have a team of experienced and devoted pitch deck designers that can work to deadlines that suit you and your potential investors.

Additionally, we understand there can be last minute, unavoidable changes within your pitch. With this in mind, we ensure your presentation can be edited at any time by transferring the information into your chosen software. This not only provides the option to edit if necessary but also allows you to update details that may change over a period of time between pitches.

To discuss a pitch deck design for your organisation, get in touch with Kaizen Brand Evolution via the contact form or on 028 95072007.