The Important Elements of Retail Design

Posted on: March 24, 2022 10:00 am

retail design

For organisations who work within the retail industry, it is imperative to withhold both a successful brand identity and retail design, as well as a retail identity with a positive shopping experience.

In order to achieve an engaging identity that can be implemented into a physical retail store, your organisation must initially build an innovative, relatable brand identity of its own. Bringing your brand identity into your retail store requires careful consideration and detailed design, ensuring that all elements of your brand blend within the physical store.

Consistency is Key

A brand identity within a retail store aims to create a memorable and positive shopping experience for customers. To ensure this brand identity ties into your retail design, it is paramount that consistency is maintained. All customer touch points must tie into your brand identity, incorporating a consistent logo, font, assets such as brochures, posters, signs and packaging and finally, the look and feel must fit in with the retail design.

Elements to Involve in Retail Design

Logo Design

When designing your logo, it is important to incorporate elements that are relatable to your organisation. Doing this will ensure a consistent and recognisable association between your logo and your brand. This will encourage customers to develop an affiliation with your design and incidentally your physical retail store.

No matter the scale of your organisation, your logo must clearly convey your purpose. The use of a professional logo design will guarantee your organisation prime positioning for the products and services that you offer.

The overall goal with logos when it comes to retail design is to develop an association with shoppers, wherein they are aware of your offerings and want to visit your store, time and time again.

Poster Design

Poster design is a very powerful, traditional tool in advertising for business, particularly in retail. Although many would consider the concept to be old fashioned, it holds an imperative position in a retail promotional campaign to this day. Particularly when it comes to promoting your retail store, posters can be situated on the windows of your physical location, in areas surrounding it and also in relevant locations to entice customers to seek out your store.

To ensure that your retail brand identity is maintained, it is advised that posters are designed incorporating the relevant brand identity used throughout your retail store. This will boost customer recognition as well as increase your brand identity amongst consumers.

Wayfinding Design

Many organisations who function in a retail setting fail to recognise the endless opportunities that are available in boosting brand identity and recognition. Right down to the finest detail, including that of wayfinding design can be a useful tool in retail design.

When developing a brand identity, it is vital to incorporate your brand guidelines and house style into all elements of your business. This is equally as important when it comes to internal assets, such as wayfinding. To promote and represent your brand highly, it is important to remain consistent in your design.

Using wayfinding is an innovative way to further promote your brand identity and unique character through providing an exciting, collaborative and engaging journey through your store. Promoting a clear and unique brand character is a beneficial tool for organisations as it encourages shoppers to remember and think fondly of your brand and retail store in the future.

Packaging Design

Whether it is packaging that will appear pride of place in your retail store or packaging that will be photographed and promoted through your online store, it is important to stand out, remain consistent and boost your brand identity.

Incorporating important elements such as logo, colour palette and relevant graphic on packaging design is key. Customers who purchase products in retail stores essentially become promoters once they leave the premises, through carrying your product through the town centre or sharing it on social media. The more premium the packaging design, the more likely a customer will be encouraged to show it off.

Retail Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our team of experienced graphic designers are innovative industry leaders across numerous sectors, including the retail industry. Our first-hand knowledge and insight provide us with a brilliant understanding of the retail environment, what works and what should be avoided.

Ensuring your organisation maintains a consistent and inviting personality is the overall goal and we look forward to discussing a retail design project with you and your team.

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