The Benefits of Brand Design

Posted on: February 24, 2022 10:00 am

brand design

A brand design is the visual representation that people hold of your business. From the initial first impressions, to the lasting familiar image, it is paramount that your organisation holds a relatable and innovative brand design that will catch the attention of customers, clients and stakeholders.

A brand design is an extremely important element of the branding process. The design that your organisation holds is essentially the visualisation that will promote your organisation as a whole, as well as the more intricate details. These details include representing your brand strategy, vision, goals, personality and much more. 

A premium design promotes a premium brand 

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”

A term we are all too familiar with, yet, we all do exactly that. Although we mean no harm, we create judgemental decisions, based on our impressions of how things initially look and appear. This is no different when it comes to judging brands on their design.

In the initial stages of development, it is advised that consideration is granted to the design execution. A carefully executed brand design will place your organisation as a reliable, trustworthy and established company.

Gaining and maintaining this respect and established identity is massively beneficial for your organisation, especially in the early stages. Nonetheless, it is also beneficial for long-established organisations to conduct a brand redesign, in order to boost existing opinions and better position your brand for future consideration.

Promote a consistent Brand Identity

Design is not only beneficial for gaining an established identity or promoting a recognisable visual identity. It is also important to promote consistency. When it comes to promoting your organisation, there are numerous platforms and arenas that your brand will be showcased.

Whether it is online through websites, social media or advertisements or physically, in events, posters, billboards or retail, it is paramount to maintain a consistent design. Consistency will create a sense of unity in your brand and promote a recognisable and dependable identity.

Common misconceptions with Brand Design

When we consider brand design, we often draw attention and focus towards the logo. It is important to understand that design stretches beyond logo design but incidentally, it is a great starting point in the process.

When thinking about brand design, it must cover numerous elements, including the logo, the visual elements to promotional tools, such as posters, merchandise, packaging and retail.

Your brand design is what people visualise when they think of your product, service or organisation. Branding and design educates and describes your offering when you’re not there to do so.

Brand Design with Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have a team of experienced graphic designers. We have worked alongside organisations across the UK, Ireland and beyond, creating premium, consistent and recognisable brand designs.

Our established experience positions us as industry experts. With widespread knowledge in delivering successful brand design packages for all types of organisations, including B2B, B2C and third sector, we have a vast experience in creating brands that engage your audiences.

Whether you are starting out and need a new innovative design for your business or you are an established organisation who requires a revamp, we can boost your brand massively. Through creating brand designs that can add significant value to your products or services, Kaizen create meaningful change and evolve every brand through innovative design.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we strive to create successful and commercially driven brand designs. Each brand design that we conduct is unique and bespoke to your business, promoting the key areas of performance and ensuring a stand-out reputation.

In every brand project we deliver the following outputs:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Narrative
  • Typography Styling
  • Colour Palette
  • Tone of Voice
  • Photography Direction
  • Illustrative Direction
  • Brand Guidelines

Brand Designs that deliver

We understand and value the importance of individuality when it comes to brand identity. Incidentally, we approach every task with a clean slate and open mind. Through detailed research and collaboration with the team behind your organisation, we will create an exciting, innovative brand design that will showcase the drive and ambition that lives in your brand identity.

Over the years, our experienced team have developed wonderful brand designs for numerous popular organisations, including some household names, such as Slims Healthy Kitchen, Punchestown Racecourse and Applegreen.

Start a project with us

Our team are enthusiastic to create an innovative, recognisable and premium brand design for your organisation. We also understand that the process can be daunting and unknown to your team, therefore we promise to provide a detailed introduction to the service and walk you through every stage. We aspire to showcase the endless opportunities that brand design can provide for your organisation.