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Posted on: May 26, 2022 10:00 am

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Whether we like it or not, social media has quickly become a huge part of our day to day lives. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, it is crucial that brands create an engaging presence online, promoting their products or services to the endless stream of scrollers.

Social media is an extremely advantageous platform for organisations to avail of. Providing the opportunity to maintain round the clock communication with customers, clients, stakeholders and the general public.

Unfortunately, society affords little consideration to those brands who choose to remain old-fashioned and stay clear of social media. Failing to withhold a recognisable online presence may lead to your organisation going unnoticed and falling behind social savvy competitors.

The Perks of Social Media

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to the use of social media. Yet for instance, when it comes to business, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. Social media is an incredibly valuable research tool for brands. The platform allows them to monitor competitors, connect with potential customers, investors and target audiences. These platforms also provide industry insight in real time, showcasing the top trends, as well as the passing fazes.

For brands that are either starting out or aiming to boost their brand identity and recognition, the use of social media is invaluable.

Impactful Social Campaigns we LOVE

Dove – #ShowUs

Dove is known for their impactful, human interest campaign design. Their widespread representation and positivity towards the human body is something to be admired. Particularly on social, where this is not always evident.

In 2021, Dove struck again with an impactful, user-generated campaign, cleverly captured with the name #ShowUs. The campaign was led with simplicity, asking social followers to show off their beauty, in all different shapes and sizes.

Through research, Dove discovered the disappointing representation of women in society. Body stereotypes are a massive issue worldwide and this campaign shone a light on the beautiful differences within us.

There is a key takeaway for brands from this campaign success. Dove’s #ShowUs campaign arguably performed so well due to its personal, relatable message, in which many consumers resonated with. In addition, the clever use of a hashtag quickly created a social trend, wherein online users could easily access other participants posts and interact with one another. When mind mapping ideas for your next social media campaign, think outside the box, consider your audience and incorporate your company values.

Spotify Wrapped

December. The month of Santa, Snow and Spotify Wrapped. Launched in 2015 and quickly rebranded in 2017, the Spotify Wrapped social media campaign promotes an aesthetically pleasing summary of an individual’s music habits for the year.

The ingenious graphic design team behind Spotify quickly caught on to the picture-perfect personas that we are all guilty of portraying on social media. The beautiful graphics, the fanciful filters and the desire to project our musical opinion, onto anyone that will listen.

Not only did Spotify excel with their own campaign, they also had a helping hand, with massive exposure from their audiences. A cool 1.2 million Spotify users shared the campaign to their own social media, promoting the platform, far and wide.

This campaign provides us with numerous learning curves, including the pinnacle point that is: it’s not what you post, its how you post it. Data is data, we see it every day, many of us shiver at the sight of a spreadsheet… so why is this campaign any different?

Let’s face it. Who is entertained by statistics? Long story short, everyone apparently, if it is presented in an #Instagramable design that allows you to show off your musical taste.

Genius Spotify, Genius.

Social Media Campaigns at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Kaizen Brand Evolution have a team of enthusiastic industry experts, who understand the dedication required to create and deliver an engaging social media campaign. Through evaluating your brand, as well as your proposed social platforms and target audience, we are able to categorise which areas you should be focusing on, in order to receive the best return on investment.

Are you struggling with your social media? Get in touch with Kaizen Brand Evolution for some industry tips. We can impart our wisdom through creating a detailed social plan, with stand-out designs and engaging material.

Availing of this service will not only resolve the confusion that comes with social media, but it will provide you with an understanding into the navigation of social media, affording you the knowledge to confidently manage your own social accounts in the future.

To discuss a logo design project, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.