Retail Design: Represent your brand in style

Posted on: September 26, 2022 10:00 am

retail design

Although online shopping has evolved into a primary buying habit for many spenders, in-store retail shopping is extensively encouraged to save the High Street and #ShopLocal. For retailers who own physical stores, it is paramount to possess a recognisable brand identity and retail design that invites customers into an experience they will want to relive over again.

The last 20 months has presented extraordinary complications for the retail sector, with massive loss in sales, lockdowns and store closures. As we slowly but surely get back to a sense of normality within the retail industry, there is an enhanced emphasis on the importance of shopping local. This presents a massive opportunity for retail businesses who operate in a physical setting. There is no time quite like the present to revamp your retail design, reintroducing shoppers to the wonderful and exciting world of local retail stores.

Brand identity

When creating a retail design, it is important to base your project around brand identity. Incorporating your retail brand identity into your physical store boosts customer recognition which will only bring people back. The end goal of a retail design campaign is for customers to identify your brand, know what you sell and understand your company goals.

Consistency is key

Retail stores are unique, there is no pop-up advertisements, notifications or email alerts to entice customers into the store. It relies on the visual design and store presentation to engage with passing footfall. Incidentally, when it comes to developing your retail design, it is paramount to maintain a uniform focus across all branding. From storefront displays and shopping bags to webpages and social media, there must be a consistent design that is recognisable amongst all company elements.

Capture attention

Retail stores rely on their merchandise to catch the attention of shoppers. Essentially, current customers are representing the brand by carrying a shopping bag around town, influencing others into the store. To ensure you stand out to shoppers, perfecting your retail design is key. Having a design that stands out amongst the crowd is a necessity, enticing people to explore what you have to offer in-store.

Tell a story with your retail design

Brilliant designs tell stories. Let your retail design speak for itself by ensuring it incorporates the personality of your brand. When revamping your retail design, it is important to envisage what a brand-new shopper would experience…

  • Does the design tell your story?
  • Will it represent your goals and aspirations?
  • Does it appear engaging and interesting?

No matter how good your retail store is, poor representation through retail design can reduce footfall, sales and consequently, success.

To successfully convey your retail company, incorporate your personality. This can be implemented through colour, font, slogans and design. Often overlooked, these elements are extremely important, catching the attention of customers and delivering a lasting first impression. As mentioned previously, it is equally important to implement this across all promotional platforms, be it in-store, online or through advertising to ensure consistency.

Boost your brand identity and build trust

Reputation and trust are undoubtedly two of the most important achievements for a business. These are attained through professional and strategized planning and implementation. It is understandable that shoppers prefer to spend their money in retail stores that have polished branding and design. Through an established retail design, shoppers will turn into customers as they engage with what your business through building trust and understanding of what you have to offer. 

Contact Kaizen to revamp your retail design

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our graphic design team is made up of some of Ireland’s most qualified professionals. Our first-hand experience within the retail industry is a reassuring bonus for customers. We guarantee a unique understanding of both the obstacles and opportunities presented to your business. With this knowledge, we strive to deliver a high-quality service that will boost your retail design massively.