Retail Design: Remain Relevant

Posted on: May 30, 2022 10:00 am

retail design

Some may argue that retail stores are on the downward spiral when it comes to popularity. Unfortunately, this is the case in some situations, with consumers swapping out their shopping sprees with scrolling, but it is important we do not rule out the power of retail design completely.

Retail design can be an extremely powerful method of persuasion when it comes to encouraging consumers to shop in your store. Attractive retail design is key. You want it to stop people in their tracks and intrigue them.

An impressive design lends a hand in the success of a retailer. The overall goal is to develop a brand that consumers will choose. We all aspire to be the first choice, this is extremely relevant in the retail industry, due to the dropping popularity, as well as the dense competition.

Unfortunately, the industry progress in recent years has seen a new-found intricacy in the process of retail design.

Retail Design: A Customer Experience

Now more than ever, it is crucial to stand out in the crowd. This is no different when it comes to retail design, it is crucial to stand out in the high street or shopping centre!

To create an authentic retail design, you must incorporate your brand identity, bringing it to life through your physical store. A retail store should provide much more than simply products or services to customers. It should provide an experience that will resonate and bring a feeling that customers will identify with, when they consider your brand.

The Consistency within Brand Identity and Retail Design

A common misconception when developing a retail design is that it simply revolves around the physical store. Yet, a successful design will consider much more than simply what is in your bricks and mortar store.

Retailers must consider all elements of their brand identity. To maintain and boost their exposure, they should marry all of their design elements together, maintaining consistency and building familiarity. Ways in which this can be implemented includes a consistent font, logo, colour palette, design feature and retail store.

Create a Retail Design that Consumers will Trust

We now live in an era where unfortunately trust is not easily earned. Consumers have become extremely resilient to trust, particularly in the retail sector as the ‘too good to be true’ termis often proved to be factual.

An area that physical retail stores can use to their advantage is their trustworthiness. Having a real-life store brings a sense of reassurance and trust that online stores sometimes fail to deliver. However, it is important to note that competition is prevalent and shoppers are always going to prefer to spend their money in a retail store that has a polished branding and design.

With this in mind, it is important that brands maintain a premium retail design, updating it where necessary. Through an established retail design, brands have the opportunity to turn consumers into customers or clients by engaging with them through trust, understanding and memorable first impressions.

Incorporate Retail Trends

Trends come and go and it is important to recognise this. Yet, there is a fine line between an enduring trend and a passing phase, known as a micro trend. Longstanding trends will be an asset to your business, showcasing a forward-thinking approach. However, a miscalculated investment into a microtrend can be detrimental and a poor expenditure.

In times gone by, trends did not hold the power that they do now. The popularity of social media has provided a platform for worldwide exposure, reducing the timeframe for brands to hop on board the latest trends, in order to remain relevant. However, the investment of time and money must warrant a return on investment, so brands, particularly in retail must be smart to the areas in which they participate.

Retail Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Our design team at Kaizen Brand Evolution is made up of some of Ireland’s most experienced professional graphic designers. Our team of experts have a unique skillset across numerous industries, including the retail industry. This insight has afforded us with a first-hand understanding into the retail environment, the opportunities and the complications to overcome.

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team strive to create considered retail design that is suited to your anticipated business vision.

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