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Posted on: March 10, 2022 10:00 am

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Creating a justifiable and engaging packaging design is extremely important for businesses, large and small. The packaging design for a product is often a primary element of association for customers, clients, competitors and stakeholders. Particularly in a physical setting, such as in retail stores, events or on display.

Packaging design is undoubtedly one of the most important design features for an organisation, particularly for organisations who specialise in products.

Packaging is as important as Products

A common misconception when it comes to promoting products is that as long as the product itself is top quality, the rest will fall into place. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless each and every element of the process is premium, you will drastically fall down in success.

Incidentally, organisations with this narrow perception will likely struggle to understand why their top of the range product is not performing to the high standard that had been anticipated.

Yes, you may have a premium, high-quality product, but unless the packaging design that houses the product is to the same standard and level of professionalism, the entire product will reduce in customer value and fail to achieve the deserving and justified success.

Packaging Design that Fits

Once you have understood the importance of packaging design, it is time to ensure that it is created to a standard that maintains your brand identity and promotes your organisation in a justifiable and relatable manner.

Consistency is King, Identity is Queen

When people see your product on the shelf or in a store, the desired goal is recognition. We all aspire to create engaging, exciting and recognisable brands. For example, you go into the corner shop and spot a red metallic can with large lettering… instantly you recognise this as Coca-Cola.

Recognisable and eye-catching brands generate their infamous and instantaneously familiar identities through consistency in promotion, design and packaging.

Quality Consideration

As previously mentioned, packaging design can receive the short straw when it comes to planning and implementation. Often, people get so caught up in the product itself, that the packaging becomes an afterthought.

It is crucial this does not happen and rest assured if it does, people are going to catch on. Have you ever purchased something and instantly felt unimpressed due to the poor-quality packaging? Never judge a book by its cover… unless it has atrocious packaging design.

Whether it is a gift bag that gives way as soon as a drop of rain falls or a box that starts to collapse when lifted off the shelf, people take note and quickly form an opinion on the product inside. No matter how great it may be.

With this in mind, it is imperative that your packaging design is high quality and true to your brand identity.

Involve the Industry Experts in your Packaging Design

When creating packaging, it is advisory to involve industry experts, particularly graphic designers in the process. Considered packaging will ensure your brand is developed at every touch point of the purchase process.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our team of creative experts have widespread industry experience. This insight has afforded our team an understanding in consumer purchase behaviour. This enables us to deliver what works and avoid what doesn’t. We can create a packaging design that will target the customer you hope to impress.

Packaging Design: What does it cover?

Depending on what your product is, packaging can come in many different shapes and sizes. At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we can cater to numerous different types of packaging design. From labels, boxes and sleeves for food or products to drinks industry labels and packaging, we have you and your product covered. 

Packaging Design with Kaizen Brand Evolution

To begin your project with Kaizen Brand Evolution, get in touch with our client services team. From the initial consultation, right through until the final product, we take care and consideration to guarantee we deliver what is right for you and your brand.

We work in partnership with packaging printers all across the UK & Ireland to ensure our packaging and labelling designs can be expertly output in the most effective and efficient manner.

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