Prep for Summer with Menu Design

Posted on: March 14, 2022 10:00 am

Menu Design | Kaizen Brand Evolution

Whether it is a family day out, a visitors’ tour tea break or a summers day dinner, your menu design must be prepared and meet customer demands. Menu design is an ever-changing concept that must be carefully monitored to maintain relevancy in the hospitality industry.

Whether you update your menu annually, twice a year or seasonally, it is imperative that it showcases your offerings in an engaging and tempting way.

The Multi-Purpose Menu Design

Menu design is no longer tied down to one purpose. Gone are the days where the first time we see a menu is in the restaurant or café. How many times have you decided on a location to eat in and instantaneously went looking online for the menu?

Traditionally, menus hold the purpose of providing customers with a variety of choices within a restaurant or cafe. This purpose is extremely important as it is a key stage in the customers experience. However, the menu traditionally did not hold a massive responsibility, as the customer was already in the restaurant or café, which is the overall desired outcome.

The Modern Menu

Yet, in the modern day, menu design holds a much higher responsibility. Alongside reviews, online impressions and recommendations, the menu often plays an instrumental role in the decision-making process. When deciding where to eat or drink, it has become common practice to research the establishment online. This research includes looking for and analysing the restaurant menu.

With this in mind, detailed consideration should be granted to the menu design within your organisation. In the initial brainstorming stages, your menu design should be considerate of much more than the food and drink. The layout, the design features and the brand representation are equally important and must be carefully considered.  

Create a Marvellous Menu

When deciding on the design features of your menu, it is important that you showcase personality and individuality into it. Every business aims to have a unique selling point and often this can be overlooked when creating a menu design. Yet, it can be one of the most important features in the design.

When someone reads your menu, whether that is online or walking past your eatery, you want them to be wowed.

Yes, it is important to carefully consider the food and drink items that are chosen for your menu. This is arguably the most important decision. However, the involvement of enhancing elements such as quirky features and brand slogans is also beneficial.

Brand Identity is Key

The golden rule with design for your organisation is consistency. In order to boost and maintain a brand identity, we must establish a recognisable and consistent set of brand guidelines that are used throughout the design process. The benefit of this is to build a recognisable association with customers, which should incidentally encourage them to come back and recommend to a friend.

The Psychology of Menu Design

When creating a menu design, it is paramount that you consider the psychology behind it. This will incidentally assist you in creating a menu that encourages customers to visit and persuades them that you serve the best that the industry has to offer.

An innovative menu should showcase your restaurant or café’s personality. This personality should be inviting and exciting to customers old and new. Additionally, your menu should centre around your organisation’s objectives, advance your productivity and entice your customers.

Menu Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Kaizen Brand Evolution have widespread experience across a variety of industries, including the hospitality sector.

With this experience and industry insight, our team of graphic designers have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the psychology of menu design. At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we recognise how important it is for us to deliver a menu that not only looks good, but also focuses in on your brand identity and purpose.

With experience in creating menu design across Belfast, Dublin and beyond, Kaizen Brand Evolution have worked with eatery giants, such as Boojum, Tribal Burger and Slims Healthy Kitchen.

Transformative menu design is a feature that should not be overlooked. Our understanding of many market sectors and the ability to draw from our experience, ensures we are experts in menu creation.

To discuss a creative project for your business, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.