Poster Design for the Festive Season

Posted on: October 31, 2022 10:00 am

poster design

To this day, posters have an extremely important role in organisations marketing, advertising and promotional strategies. Although a relatively traditional method of communication, poster design remain essential for businesses worldwide.

According to Forbes, people are 70% more likely to remember a business promoted in print in comparison to businesses promoted solely through online communication platforms.

It is pertinent to place considerable importance on the development of posters through research, the involvement of graphic designers and the opinions of those with experience and expertise.

Gain heightened exposure during the festive period

A massive benefit of using posters as a method of promotion for your business would be the heightened exposure they generate. As a static piece of information, posters have the power to captivate people in ways scrolling on social media cannot.

In order to achieve the highest exposure possible, it is paramount that your organisation considers the importance of poster location. Choosing a position that will reach high volumes of footfall is key, catching the attention of as many people as possible.

During the festive period, more people take to the streets to soak up the atmosphere. From Christmas markets, to light switch-on and staff nights out, footfall is high and hopefully, so are spirits!

Additionally, posters hold the power of flexibility. They can be stuck up on a wall, placed on a table, handed out to commuters… the possibilities are endless. Hence, the importance of a carefully crafted poster design to stand out amongst the crowd.

Recognising your target audience is key. Posters can be often overlooked when it comes to target marketing. Through internal monitoring of engagement, your business should hold a clear idea of a target market. With this information, your business holds the opportunity to engage with interested consumers through visiting areas in which the target audience would frequent to distribute posters. For example: youth clubs, universities, gyms and during the festive period particularly; bars, restaurants, markets and shopping centres.

Poster design is cost effective

It is no secret that the festive period is one of heightened expense. This year more than ever before, the words ‘cost effective’ are on everybody’s lips. A massive perk to promoting your business through posters links to the cost. The creation, printing and distributing of posters is a relatively cost effective and rewarding initiative.

The longevity of posters enables an impressive return on investment, particularly in comparison to a digital poster, in which will disappear in as little as a *refresh*. Digital posters, although an incredible piece of promotion, are short-lived, remaining on social timelines for short periods of time. Opposingly, printed posters hold a more permanent position, at a similar or lesser cost.

Posters Boost Trustworthiness

It is a well-known fact that online media holds its limitations when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness. Particularly in recent years, the epidemic that is fake news has resulted in a mass reduction of faith in online communication platforms. With this in mind, print media once again holds massive opportunities that were once seen as outdated. Incidentally, the use of posters to promote your business can be seen as a reputable and credible point of communication with consumers.

Kaizen promote that a poster design should incorporate:

  • Company logo
  • Consistent Colour Scheme
  • Call to Action (contact details / web address)
  • Company Text / Font

Kaizen can help YOU

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our team of experienced graphic designers have worked on a remarkable number of print campaigns, including poster design. Kaizen have an experienced and dedicated team of graphic designers, and have helped many local and national companies get their print marketing campaign right. We design with purpose and through a measured conversation with you, we will recognise and design your poster accordingly.

Whether you need a festive themed poster or a generic year-round poster, we’ve created thousands of designs for companies like yours.

Poster Portfolio

Kaizen are proud to maintain a competitive and considerable portfolio of poster designs for businesses, proudly promoted throughout the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Medical Practices
  • Retail Stores
  • Universities and Schools
  • Art Galleries
  • Council Offices
  • Third Sector Organisations
  • Nightclubs and Bars

At Kaizen, we recognise that a poster design is a very unique process that requires careful thought surrounding the design, the distribution and content and the measurements. With wide-spread experience, our graphic designers will create the perfect poster design to meet your promotional goals.

Contact Kaizen to discuss the development of a poster design today.