Pitch Perfect with Pitch Deck Design

Posted on: April 18, 2022 10:00 am

pitch deck design

Pitch deck design is an extremely important tool in the business world. When it comes to investments, it is crucial to have a showstopping pitch deck design to capture the attention of potential investors, partners and stakeholders.

We now live in a world where it takes a lot to impress. Advanced technology and our accessibility to that has massively impacted how we view digital content and projects. It now takes considerably more to excite an audience and in order to excel in a business pitch, this is essential.

Pitch deck design: explained

A pitch deck design is a useful tool used by organisations who are aiming to advance their position in the business world. A pitch deck is usually utilised to showcase a particular area within your business that requires funding to evolve or prosper. The overall goal of a pitch deck design is primarily to achieve a financial investment from potential stakeholders.

The design of your pitch deck is extremely important. As previously mentioned, it is crucial to create an exciting and innovative design in order to achieve the attention deserved. Typically, we would recommend no more than 15 slides in total. Remaining within the 12-15 slide maximum will allow you to deliver a user-friendly, informative and engaging presentation, without overwhelming or appearing tedious to viewers.

When aiming to achieve an investment, it is paramount that your design places a significant importance on speaking directly to the investor. It is important that the investor generates an in-depth understanding of your organisation, your plans, visions and goals.

Deliver a pitch deck design to remember

When it comes to delivering a pitch deck design, the content is undoubtedly the most important element to be delivered. Yet, the way in which this content is delivered is equally significant. The design implemented within your pitch deck is key.

An organisation that portrays utmost professionalism will be viewed in high regard. The level of competence that is displayed in a pitch will represent and mirror your potential to investors and play a considerable role in their decision to capitalise or not.

There are numerous different platforms in which pitch decks can be created on. From InDesign to PowerPoint to Keynote, no matter the device or software, there is a platform available to create an incredible presentation.

Digital or Printed?

Digital is king. When we think of a pitch, we picture an individual standing in front of a digital presentation and delivering it to a room of potential investors. In more recent times, a pitch may be commonly delivered across virtual platforms, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Yet, in order to ensure you observe all possible needs and preferences, it is important to consider the traditional print version of your pitch deck.

Pitch Perfect Pictures

Pitch deck design aims to deliver a presentation and convince potential stakeholders that your organisation is worth investing in. In order to achieve this outcome, it is important to deliver an engaging pitch that is exciting, informative and not overwhelming.

Text can be terrifying if there is too much of it. Yes, providing a detailed document of data can be informative but it will also appear boring, disengaging and difficult to take in. It is advised that a brilliant pitch deck design will showcase a blend of visualisations to break up the important and interesting text, facts and figures.

The involvement of pictures is an innovative way to deliver information in a more digestible manner, potentially through coloured graphs, images and graphics. Incorporating visualisations in your pitch deck will also engage with viewers and hopefully leave a lasting impression and create a memorable association.

Pitch Deck Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

As pitch deck design is an extremely important area for your organisation and its future success, it is advised that you involve a professional graphic design team in the process.

The industry insight and expertise afforded through working with a professional graphic design team is invaluable, guaranteeing your pitch will be designed to the highest of standards.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our experienced team of experts conduct a robust design strategy to deliver an innovative, engaging and informative pitch for organisations just like yours. Working collaboratively with you, our team will create a professional presentation that represents your brand, goals and vision.

To begin a project with Kaizen Brand Evolution please get in touch with our client services team via the contact form or call us on 02895 072007.