Pitch Deck Design

Posted on: November 19, 2020 9:55 am

Pitch Deck Design

You’re almost nearing the end of presenting a pitch deck design to a room full of suited and booted individuals. In your mind, everything was covered in your presentation, you spoke and deliver with confidence and the end result is in sight – which, in this case, is the required funding.   

Your presentation ends.

But you’re met with silence. No applause. No nods of approval. You don’t get the ending you had imagined.

Where did you go wrong?

Perhaps your content and core ideas were great.  But you didn’t pay attention to your pitch deck design.

You see, while the content of course is king in a pitch deck, how effectively and efficiently the message is communicated can have an impact on the recipients. We are experts in presentation and pitch deck design, working with some of the countries leading brands and most innovative startups, creating engaging presentations.

So the next time you want to see sparks of interest among investors, pay attention to your pitch deck design. To help in your endeavor, we’d like to share some incredible pitch deck design tips with you.

Lets start from the very beginning…

What is Pitch Deck Design?

A pitch deck is a presentation, often created using Indesign, PowerPoint or Keynote, used to engage your audience with a snapshot of your business plan. A pitch deck is usually a digital file presented on screen but also commonly provided in print format. Many of the most recognised brands today sourced funding through the use of pitch decks.

Our Pitch Deck Design Process

Our design process is tried and rigorously tested. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a draft ready for review, our designers are specialists in the enhancement of presentation documents. Once we receive your initial document, a member of our team will get in touch to talk through a design brief. 

Armed with an understanding of the project and its intent, we begin our process of design. We’ll design the deck cover and an agreed number of pages / slides to ensure we’ve grasped the concept fully. On approval of our first drafts, we roll the agreed styling out across all pages quickly and efficiently.

Here are our Do’s & Dont’s for Pitch Deck Design

Dos For Pitch Deck

Narrate the Story

People love to listen to well-constructed interesting and engaging stories rather than long-lasting boring speeches. Even investors love stories. So, whenever you start creating aPowerPoint pitch deck, make sure the narration of the content flows like storytelling. Try to organise all the content in a sequence so that the audience can understand your point of view and engage with your vision. This is one of the most important aspects of making investors think about your proposal. 

One Slide – One Idea

We know content is the king, but the well-constructed presentation of content is equally important. So, never forget this point. No doubt, the best way to make a pitch deck presentation powerful is to use new customised feature-rich templates. If you don’t want to spend on buying customised feature-rich templates, still you can create a powerful presentation of a pitch deck. For that, you need to follow a few simple steps which are mentioned below.

Use one slide for one idea only. Whether the idea you want to put on a particular slide has only a few words or only an image, don’t put other ideas on that page. 

Avoid repetition of content or specific words. It will decrease the excitement level of the audience. 

Use different colors, highlighting features, underline, outline, and other features to make the slide look attractive. 

Focus on Making Great First Impression

There is a saying “the first impression is the last impression.” This is very true. You must dedicate all your skills, creativity, focus, discretion, and experience in making a great first impression. A great first impression will aid you to engage the investors and other audiences to your business proposal. They will take interest in your proposal and respond better than as per your expectations. So, make sure you leave a long-lasting impression on investors through a few first slides of yourPowerPoint pitch deck. 

Prepare Yourself Before Presenting Your Business Proposal 

Once you complete creating your presentation, prepare yourself accordingly. You must know all the calculations or metrics mentioned in the slides so that you can confidently present them. The best advantage of the preparation of the presentation is that you can confidently present all the data with just having an overview of slides. You don’t need to read all the slides word by word if you are prepared. 

Don’ts For Pitch Deck

Avoid Using Too Many Bullet Points

Presenting the content in bullet points is a great idea. It is an effective way of presentation. However, if you use too many bullet points in your PowerPoint pitch deckpresentation, it will be a poor presentation. So, avoid it by limiting the uses of bullet points in the pitch deck’s slides. In replacements of too many bullet points, you can create short 2-3 line paragraphs. This will increase the value of your presentation. 

Don’t Make Your Pitch Deck Too Long 

This is a really very important point. Make sure you create a short and average slides pitch deck. If you don’t have enough knowledge about creating a PowerPoint pitch deck, you can take assistance from professionals. 

Remember always, the words and statistics you say by your mouth is more important than what slides show. People are not interested in slides, they are interested in what you say about your business proposal by referring to your pitch deck. So, make your pitch deck not longer than 30 slides. 

Don’t Create a Picture-Poor, Text-Reach Presentation

The investors sitting in the conference hall to listen to you cannot read and listen at the same time. So, create a balanced presentation that has more pictures and graphical statistical content than text content. This will allow investors to listen to you more than paying attention to slides. So, make sure you follow this step wherever you create a pitch deck for a business proposal. 

Don’t Use Small and Too Many Fancy Fonts 

Sometimes, people use small and fancy fonts in presentations to make it more attractive. However, they don’t know that small and fancy fonts will only create disturbance in pitch deck presentation. You should not use these types of fonts but you should use simple and commonly used fonts such as Ariel and Times New Roman.

These pitch decks do’s and don’ts are very effective to help you to create a powerful pitch deck presentation. At the same time, these points will help you to present your pitch deck confidently and make investors accept your proposals. So, whenever you have any business proposal and you want to create a pitch deck for that, make sure you follow these effective dos and don’ts tips. 

The KBE Studio 

We appreciate that pitch decks may be required in a hurry. With a team of 12 dedicated pitch deck designers, all in-house, we can work to almost any deadline.

For speed, we design all presentations in Indesign primarily and then transfer the presentation to your chosen software. This ensures deliverability and the ability for you to edit your presentation deck after receipt.

Our most common pitch deck and presentation outputs include: Powerpoint, Visme, Prezi, Keynote and slides. Other outputs of course are available on request. Please just let us know at the time of briefing.

To speak to our team about your Pitch Deck Design, you can call us on +44 (0)28 95 072 007 or email our team on studio@kaizenbrandevolution.com.