Perk up your Packaging Design

Posted on: July 25, 2022 10:00 am

packaging design

When it comes to packaging design, consideration of the printed output and knowledge on how to achieve this is critical to the project success. Carefully considered packaging will ensure your brand is developed at every touch point of the purchase process.

Creating a relatable and attractive packaging design is very important for businesses, big and small. The packaging design for a product is often a primary element of association for consumers, particularly in a physical setting, such as in retail stores.

For example; when we enter a grocery store and see a can with chromatic red and black packaging design, we instantly associate it with Coca-Cola. This is the overall goal for organisations, to be instantly recognised by their brand identity. Packaging can play an influential role in this process.

Don’t Leave Packaging Design Behind

Unfortunately, packaging design can get the back seat when it comes to product design. As the last step in the product process, it can be forgotten about and as a result of this, rushed in the last minute.

It is important to carefully consider this stage. Yes, it is essentially the final step but is a massively important asset to your brand identity.

Packaging design can be used across many platforms, not just in a retail setting. Other uses of packaging design include online product promotion, delivery services and many more.

Stand out from the Crowd

The massive variety across all markets has resulted in a difficulty to stand out in the crowd. Appearing pride of place in a retail setting is the overall goal. Hence to achieve this you must carefully consider your design, remain consistent and boost your brand identity.

We have all done it, bought a product based on their packaging design alone. A beautifully designed packaging concept has enough power to draw attention to a product and encourage purchasing. Yet it is important to realise that the design of your packaging has the power to make or break a customer’s purchasing decision.

Premium Packaging is Key

Packaging is in essence the most important step of the product creation, as it is essentially what makes people purchase your brand. Often though, this is overlooked and the packaging can become an afterthought.

Yet, organisations who involve professional graphic designers in this process have no need to worry about this. Graphic designers recognise and highlight the importance of every step in the product creation process. From the product itself, right through to the packaging, each stage is equally important.

Poorly designed packaging can be detrimental to the success of your product. Consumers will recognise this immediately and incidentally ‘judge a book by its cover’ and avoid purchasing the product.

Packaging Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are experienced in the design and development of packaging design for numerous industries. We can produce packaging design for an extensive variety of products. These include food packaging sleeves, gift bags, gift boxes, labelling and many other types of outer packaging.

With great experience in B2C moment of choice decision influencing, our creatives will ensure your brand has the best opportunity for purchase and engagement.

We have an excellent team of dedicated and world class designers, who have helped many organisations evolve their packaging, ensuring that their products are the best looking on the shelves.

Drinks Industry Labels & Packaging

We work with independent and multinational drinks brands to develop their brand strategy, brand activation and their range of packaging including labels and gift boxes.

Kaizen design with overall consideration for your brand strategy, but with a direct commercial focus that ensures our designs can be output in a cost-effective manner. Some of our drinks industry clients include: Bushmills Whiskey, Kraken Rum, Glencree Whiskey, Thompsons Rum and Shortcross Gin.

Start a Packaging Design Project with Kaizen

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We will explain the steps, find out about your project and send a quote to bring the project to life.