Perfect your Poster Design to target Summer Strollers

Posted on: March 3, 2022 10:00 am

poster design

Poster design is a very powerful, traditional tool in marketing and advertising for business. Although many would consider the concept to be old fashioned, it holds an imperative position in a promotional campaign to this day.

When creating a promotional poster for your organisation, it is advised that you involve experts in design. This ensures the involvement of the required experience and expertise to create a ground-breaking poster.

Catch the Commute 

It can be argued that the most beneficial time of the year to deliver a surge of posters would be during the nicer, warmer months. The reason for this simply being, more people are out and about.

In the winter, we seldom spend our time strolling through the town or city. If we do, it is often accompanied by a vision restricting coat or an umbrella. Hence, autumn/winter poster campaigns can often go unnoticed and the benefits are unrecognisable.

On the other hand, in the summer, we are out and about. Whether you decide to walk to work or take a relaxing evening stroll, it is undeniable that more people are taking advantage of the outdoors. The footfall in towns and cities multiples during the spring and summer months, with more people taking note of their surroundings, including that of promotional advertising.

Catch their Attention

It is no secret that the modern individual has a reduced attention span. This is due to the instantaneous speed in which we receive our online information. With this in mind, it is important to deliver an eye-catching poster that will capture the attention of the public, quickly and informatively.

Involve the Experts in your Poster Design

When creating a poster, there are numerous elements that require deep consideration, from the typography, the colourway and the imagery selection.

The people who are going to see these posters on shop windows, nightclub walls and on public transport have to be impressed, recognising the call to action instantaneously.

The public must understand what exactly is the purpose of the poster and this must encourage them to act upon your sales message. Whether you need an A3 short run digital poster or an A0 nightclub poster, the attention to detail is equal and the involvement of a graphic design expert is advised.

Designing a Poster

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we take pride in our poster designs. We can make your posters stand out from the crowd and catch the required attention it deserves.

Using our tried and tested design techniques, we have an experienced team of graphic designers on hand to deliver impressive results. From local businesses to international organisations, we have produced impressive poster campaigns that deliver in a successful marketing and advertising campaign. 

Kaizen Brand Evolution take a considerate and responsible approach to creating your poster design. We create with purpose and through comprehensive research, we recognise your company vision and design your poster accordingly.

Where do I put my posters?

Starting a poster campaign can be an overwhelming and often unknown territory for some. The task of poster campaigns stretches far beyond that of designing the poster itself. Creative consideration must be granted to deciding the location of the poster, whether it will be inside or outside, or both.

Additionally, the area in which the poster is situated must be carefully considered. Research must be carried out on areas to determine where the target audience will mostly reside. This will help you decide the prime location for your posters.

Once that is decided, it is important to consider the size of your poster and the distance from which it will be viewed and the level of content that is added.

All of these important decisions can be daunting to approach, however with the involvement of an experienced graphic design team, they can be agreed on with practised insight and expertise.

Opportunities with Poster Design

Poster design, although a traditional marketing and advertising method, holds endless opportunities. At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are proud to be a part of Belfast’s leading printing companies. We have created posters for numerous sectors across Belfast and beyond. From retail to nightclubs to university posters, we have you covered.

Step-by-Step Poster Design

At Kaizen, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. If you decide to involve our expertise in your poster design, we will take you through a step-by-step process and involve your opinion at every stage.

Initially, we will conduct a meeting with you and once the primary stages are outlined, our client services team will be in touch with our design briefing sheets. Once you have provided us with all the required elements and a detailed brief, including content, logos, brand guidelines etc., the fun can begin. 

To discuss a creative project in poster design for your business, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.