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Posted on: November 23, 2020 8:00 am

KBE Packaging Design

How many times did you stop to check out a product simply because the packaging design caught your attention?

When you had to choose between two similar products, did the way those products look influence your decision?

While we should try our best to not judge things by appearance, the truth is, we care a lot about first impressions. And in a world like this, the way a product’s packaging looks matters just as much as the product itself. Because no matter how good your product is, poor packaging design is going to drag sales down.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing the packaging of a product. It needs to protect what’s inside, allow for easy storage, display information about the product and catch the attention of customers when displayed on a shelf. 

Why does packaging design matter?

Product packaging is, above all, a practical tool, but it also means much more than that for the product and brand it represents. It is the packaging that, through its design, convinces a consumer to purchase a product or not.

Packaging design matters for many reasons, but here are those we believe to be the most important:

Gives a strong first impression

As we’ve already established, first impressions matter a lot, especially when your product needs to stand out in a sea of similar products. Eye-catching packaging design will differentiate your product from others on the market, be it on the shelves of stores or on the pages of an eCommerce website. This is your first chance to win consumers over and get them to know your brand, so take as much advantage of it as you can.

Creates and supports brand identity

Your brand has a story – an identity you have been working to create. What better way to emphasize on brand identity than packaging design? After all, it’s what consumers see first. To ensure packaging design tells an accurate story of your brand, make sure it clearly displays your company logo and makes use of fonts, colors and trademarks associated with your company. This way, consumers will be able to recognise your products anywhere.

Communicates with customers

No matter how much you play with packaging design, don’t forget that it must also be informative. It must communicate with customers and tell them everything they need to know to convince them of the product inside. Good packaging design needs to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who is this product created for?
  • What is this product used for?
  • Where can I learn more about the manufacturer?
  • Does it expire? When?
  • How will this product improve my life?

Packaging Design Agency

Considered packaging will ensure your brand is developed at every touch point of the purchase process. With great experience in B2C moment of choice decision influencing, our creatives will ensure your brand has the best opportunity for purchase and engagement.

We have an excellent team of dedicated and world class designers, who have helped many a products evolve their packaging, ensuring that their products are the best looking on the shelves.

Packaging Design Outputs

When it comes to packaging design, consideration to the printed output and knowledge on how to achieve this is critical to the project success. We work in tandem with packaging printers all across the UK & Ireland to ensure our packaging and labelling designs can be expertly output in the most effective manner. From gift boxes, to gift bags, food packaging sleeves and outer for all types of products, we have a wealth of experience in packaging design.

Within our studio, packaging refers to any labelling, boxes, sleeves that are used to identify or protect a product. We generally leave bottling and food grade packs to the experts in their respective fields.