Navigate your Festival with Wayfinding Design

Posted on: April 4, 2022 10:00 am

Finally… Spring has sprung here at Kaizen Brand Evolution and we cannot wait to see what the season has in store. With the much-anticipated time change at the weekend, we have most definitely blossomed into the Spring time mood.

When we think of Spring and Summer, we associate it with brighter days and exciting activities in beautiful weather. Over the last 2 years, we have unfortunately been robbed of a typical Spring/Summer period due to the pandemic. Festivals, concerts, parties and holidays were all a distant memory that we longed for; in hope they would return some day.

We are finally starting to see the return of our much-awaited Spring/Summer activities and we just cannot wait. With the brief, unanticipated hiatus of social activities, comes a sense of anticipation, as well as a sense of unfamiliarity.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

If hosting massive events, such as a concert or a festival, it is massively important that attendees feel welcome and comfortable within their surroundings. It can be extremely difficult for staff members to provide constant navigation at large-scale events, particularly those in the dark. Hence, the implementation of wayfinding design at these events is advised, creating a sense of awareness and navigation for attendees.

Confused at a Concert?

We have all attended large-scale events, such as a concert or festival and as great as they are, they can become overwhelming when it comes to navigation. Whether the event is in a location you are familiar with, or a brand-new setting, the crowds and masses can hinder our sense of direction, as well as our ability to navigate.

Avoid Navigation Frustration

To combat the concert confusion, the employment of wayfinding navigation can be extremely useful. Typically, when people consider navigation signs, they think of arrows or sign posts. Incidentally, the use of typical arrows and signs can cause misinterpretation, confusion and conflict.

When providing navigation, it is crucial to deliver this in an easily interpreted manner, this will not only benefit attendees, it will also assist your staff members in crowd control. Additionally, using a unique wayfinding design will enable you to promote your brand throughout the event location. 

What is Wayfinding Design?

Wayfinding design is a massively advantageous tools for organisations, particularly those who are hosting events with unfamiliar attendees. Providing seamless navigation through waypoints, wayfinding design allows individuals to move from point to point to get to their desired destination.

Wayfinding design is much more than a simple sign post or arrow, it is a strategically designed navigation system that takes into consideration the visual and physical clues that assist people through a location without the need for intense and unattractive signage.

The incorporation of wayfinding will boost the experience for attendees, providing an interpretive journey in a pleasant and recognisable manner.

The Branding Perks of Wayfinding Design

When hosting a large-scale event, such as a concert or festival, we place a considerable amount of importance on the branding of the event. From tickets, to presentations to banners at the event, it is all go and important to provide a recognisable experience from start to finish.

In some cases, organisations place all of their focus on the large-scale promotion and forget to implement the more intricate but equally beneficial design tools. When it comes to events and festivals, navigation is an extremely important tool and your attendees will appreciate your consideration of this.

Unfortunately, many event promoters make the impulsive decision to use typical signs and arrows to navigate their location. Undoubtedly organisations like this have missed a trick, failing to recognise the benefits of branded wayfinding design. This lack of consideration can result in confusion within attendees, as well as a missed branding opportunity.

A massive perk when it comes to wayfinding design is that individuals will always be looking for it. Hence, maximise this opportunity and place distinctive branding within the design, you are guaranteed to boost brand identity. Additionally, the incorporation of wayfinding design will position your organisation as a customer focused brand. This showcases that you place consideration on the safety, security and comfort of their audience.

Wayfinding Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Are you planning a large-scale (or small) event that requires navigation for attendees? We have you covered. At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we can create easily-followed, innovative and recognisable wayfinding design for your organisation. Promoting your brand throughout the entire process, we can design wayfinding that will provide an enjoyable journey for attendees.

At Kaizen, we have a team of experienced graphic designers, with first-hand experience in creating distinct, attractive and eye-catching wayfinding design. Putting your attendee first, wayfinding design provides an enjoyable experience.

To discuss a creative project in wayfinding design for your organisation, get in touch. You can contact our team of graphic designers via the contact form or on 028 95072007.