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Posted on: January 26, 2022 5:19 pm

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It can be argued that our mobile phones are the most used, most valued and most important item in the modern day. With instantaneous access to online platforms, providing the ability to search, discover and purchase, it is paramount that our online experience with mobile design is smooth, accessible and user-friendly.

Mobile Phone: A Pocketsize Portable PC

Gone are the days where mobile phones were primarily used for phone calls and text messages. We are now firmly living in the new digital age, where convenience is king and smartphones are queen.

To search for a website is no longer a case of turning on the laptop or desktop, letting it get warmed up and tackling the internet. It is now as simple as a quick search on google and instantaneous mobile friendly results.

The Importance of Incorporating Mobile Design into your Website

When it comes to creating a website, or even implementing a website redesign, we can often become consumed by the desktop design and appearance. Indeed, the desktop design is extremely important and is likely a primary platform that businesses will be viewing your website on. However, mobile design is paramount and must not be overlooked.

Scrolling with the Touch of a Finger (Trackpads are so Last Year)

The user experience when it comes to browsing a website on a mobile phone is very different to that of browsing on a desktop or laptop. Whilst the information should remain the same, the layout will be much different.

In order to ensure all of the website information is displayed in an attractive and engaging way, the screen orientation on a smartphone will appear condensed and tailored. As we are scrolling with a touch of a finger, instead of a mouse or trackpad, it is paramount to consider this and ensure all touchpoints are easily accessible and straightforward.

Nonsensical Navigation will Lose Leads

Designing a website experience to meet the needs of mobile users is key. It is important that they have a positive journey, that will encourage them to revisit the site in future. A poor website experience can leave a lasting impression and deter users from visiting again. Therefore, first impressions are key.

Desktop Design on a Smartphone: A Tiny Text Terror

We have all been there. Scrolling contently online via our smartphones, effortlessly navigating purposively designed websites and then we hit an issue. Desktop design on mobile. A tiny text terror, complemented with a compressed layout and grainy graphics, requiring intense concentration to simply click a touchpoint.

Although your website may be fantastic, incorporating all the elements needed to impress, if it does not appear in a mobile design format, smartphone users will be deterred instantly.  

Websites incorporating mobile design should boast easily navigated pages, with large text and images. Essentially, a simplistic version of your desktop website to deliver convenience and instantaneous information to mobile users.

Smartphone Users Spend More Time Online

Admit it or not, we are all guilty of the hypnotising scroll. Once we fall into the trance, it is hard to snap out of it. Surprisingly, the addictive nature attached to smartphone usage can be a massive benefit for companies who run an online business.

Arguably, we spent a lot more time online via our mobile devices than we do on our desktops. This is likely due to the portable, instantaneous access and it is paramount that businesses take advantage of this through creating an impressive mobile design for their website.

Whether it is on the bus, on the couch or on lunch, people are always using their mobile phones online. Catch their attention with your website and you could be onto something good.

Mobile Design for your Website with Kaizen Brand Evolution

Here at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we work collaboratively with organisations to ensure they receive a website that meets their needs as well as adhering to the latest trends and styles of mobile design.

With more people on the move and using their mobile devices to communicate with others, Mobile Design is vital. It is important that that people can access your business from anywhere at any time and using any device.

When designing a website, it is our duty and priority to ensure that your website is desktop and mobile compatible. This ensures it is both functionable and accessible for all online users.

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