Mobile Design: More Important Now Than Ever

Posted on: April 21, 2022 10:00 am

mobile design

Once upon a time, websites were created to be viewed on a computer screen. The design was simple, straightforward and the same for all. Fast forward to now, a computer screen is primarily used during working hours and have a typical power down time of 5.30pm.

Gone are the days when we had to turn on our desktop or laptop to visit a website. We are living in the digital age, where website habits have transformed and the demand for mobile design has massively increased.

You Snooze, You Lose

When it comes to designing a website, it is natural to place importance on the desktop design in the initial stages. At the end of the day, potential customers, clients and stakeholders who visit your website, are likely to do so on a desktop. However, in the process of website design, it is crucial to place consideration on the mobile users and develop a mobile design that is quick, easy and convenient to navigate.

Many organisations make a big mistake when it comes to website design. Once the desktop version of the site is complete, there is a sense of relaxation and this can result in a delay in the mobile design implementation. This in itself is extremely detrimental for your website.

According to Oberlo, there has been a massive surge in mobile device website traffic. In 2022, over 57% of online traffic comes directly from a mobile device, that is an incomprehensible increase of 48% in 10 years, as it was at a mere 9% in 2012. With this information in mind, it is undisputable the power and importance of mobile design when it comes to creating a website.

Online users place a huge importance on first impressions, particularly when visiting a website on their mobile device. If the website design is not mobile friendly, you leave yourself open to the risk that they develop a negative opinion of your site and fail to give it a second chance in the future.

Desktop Design: A Mobile Users Nightmare

There is nothing quite as annoying as trying to navigate a desktop design squeezed onto a mobile screen. Not only do you require intense concentration to ensure you are clicking the correct page, but you also have to work unnecessarily hard to read the content and discover what you are looking for.

Desktop design becomes completely compromised when forced to reduce onto a mobile screen. Yes, your website design might be out of this world, but if it does not have a mobile design feature, the brilliance of this is somewhat instantaneously lost.

What makes a great Mobile Design?

Mobile design is often considered to be a simplified version of your desktop design website. As the device you will be using to navigate the website is considerably smaller, this must be considered and the amount of information displayed on one screen should be significantly reduced.

The goal with mobile design is convenience and easy navigation. When people search online through their mobile device, they are usually not sitting down to conduct a lengthy period of research. The more likely scenario is a quick, simple and speedy search.

When searching on a desktop version of a website, the user has likely a longer timeframe to afford to the website itself. Yet, those who search for a website on their mobile device aim to find information at a fast pace. Hence, it is advised that the mobile version of a website is simplified, leaving out any unnecessary details.

When creating a mobile design, it is also advised to include the call to actions in large, eye-catching displays. For example, if your call to action on a particular page is to ‘Call Today’ this button should be visibly larger and noticeable to the use. Additionally, it is important to consider that mobile users are scrolling using their finger, instead of a mouse or trackpad. With this in mind, mobile design must ensure that all touchpoints are easily clickable by finger or thumb. 

Mobile Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have a team of experienced graphic and web designers who have created and evolved websites into mobile design. Our team recognise the importance of collaboration and involve the client in every step of the process to ensure the final product represents your vision.

In 2022, we are firmly positioned in the digital age. The surge in online popularity and accessibility through smartphones intensifies the importance of mobile design. The overall goal for an organisation is to be accessible to their customers, clients and stakeholders at all times.

To begin your project with Kaizen Brand Evolution, get in touch with our client services team. From the initial consultation, right through until the final site, we assure that we will deliver what is right for you, your website and your organisation.

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