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Posted on: May 18, 2022 10:00 am

Logo design is extremely important to any business or brand. It is the primary identifier of your organisation and frequently clients will associate it with the experience they have with your business.

Consider your favourite brand, and you will instantly picture the logo clearer than you will the typeface or name. Logo design is often the first step in brand development and should be carefully considered at the earliest stages of business planning.


We all know it. Most of us love it. Apple. Undoubtedly the most powerful technology brand in the world. The logo is instantly recognisable, even to those who aren’t digitally minded.

Aside from a design change in its first year of trading, the apple logo has remained virtually the same, bar a few colour alterations, since 1977. This is a concept we rarely see, with business logos commonly changing a lot over time.

The benefit of this unchanged logo guarantees that audiences will not forget it in a hurry. People now subconsciously associate the bitten apple with the brand and any major changes would dissolve this association massively.

Fun fact: did you know that Apple have a rule that in movies, villains cannot use their products? Only the good guys. Hence, you will never see Lord Voldemort or The Joker with an iPhone.


Another brand we know and love from their logo is McDonald’s. It can be spotted from a mile away, with its unique and bright colour scheme. However, McDonald’s wasn’t always as we know it today. In its founding year, 1937, the company was established as ‘The Airdome’… imagine that! This name and logo lasted a mere three years, when the McDonald family decided to acclaim their family name.

‘McDonalds Famous Barbecue’ as it was known between 1940 and 1953 boasted a boring, black and blocky logo, completely parallel to now. In 1953, the franchise dropped the ‘Famous Barbecue’ and simply became ‘McDonalds’. Since then, both the name and the logo have remained consistent, dominating the logo market with the huge arching M.

Similarly to Apple, McDonald’s logo consistency has worked in their favour. We have all looked into the skies at one point, in hopes of seeing the yellow arches in the nearby distance. If this were to change, the novelty and association with the McDonald’s brand would be lost and the popularity would significantly reduce.


Founded in 1998, Google is a youthful 24 years old. Yet contrary to its young position in society, it needs no introduction, being the most popular search engine in the world.

The Google logo is one we will all recognise, even those of us who claim no association with online platforms. The colourful, eye-catching and dominant design was first created in the founding days of the business and has changed very little since then.

The firm’s recognisable position in society has afforded Google great flexibility with their logo. Taking a unique stance, Google famously alter their logo design temporarily to represent current affairs and important historical dates. They have the power to do this as they know their brand recognition is strong and does not require consistent promotion.

If you closely study the Google logo, you will recognise a disrupted pattern. The first four letters follow the familiar primary colour pattern, showcasing blue, red, yellow and blue again. This consistency is then interrupted by the introduction of green, a secondary colour.  This green is then followed by red, reintroducing the primary colour pattern.

Some may consider this colour palette a miscalculated pattern, yet the meaning holds much more than this. There is a significant, ground-breaking message promoted through their uncoordinated logo.

By not following the pattern, Google are promoting an innovative, pioneering and revolutionary approach. With the introduction of green, steering away from the typical design, Google are promoting their mission; to break the mould, to go beyond what is expected and show they are not afraid to break the rules.

Consistency is Key in Logo Design

Although Google choose to interrupt the pattern, there is a clear sense of uniformity in all the brands discussed above. Consistency is key. The majority of brands that hold recognisable and dominant logos are those that remain consistent and avoid major design change over time.

With Apple, McDonalds and Google, although there may be slight tweaks in the form of font change or colour saturation, the structure of the logo remains virtually unchanged.

It is important that organisations take note of this consistency and recognise this when developing a brand logo. There must be careful consideration afforded to the logo design task, as the opportunity to make drastic changes in the future may present issues for brand identity.

Logo Design with Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are proud to have designed logos for products, services and organisations both locally and internationally. Our team of design experts have a unique industry understanding and with this, we are able to draw from our experiences and create innovative, engaging and memorable logo designs.

Kaizen Brand Evolution have one of the largest design studio teams in Belfast or Dublin and our focus is always on developing the best logo to suit your business needs.

To discuss a logo design project, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.