Posted on: December 9, 2021 10:19 am

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A company logo is an important, stand-out design that will immediately engage with the public. A symbol to promote brand recognition, logos are a key element in the buying process, encouraging customers to invest in your company.

In the modern day, it is paramount to remain vigilant to the ever-changing industries. Organisations must ensure their logos align with company values to enable a stand-out position in the market, remaining competitive and evolutionary.

A logo speaks a thousand words for your business, hence the importance it resonates with the audience. From the typeface, to the mark or symbol, it is important to choose carefully, representing your company in the best possible manner.

Logo Blunders

A common mistake that organisations make is failing to recognise the power and importance of a company logo. More often than not, businesses consider their logo to be a miniscule design element in the bigger picture. This results in a rushed, poorly thought-out design that inevitably fails to showcase the business in all its glory.

DIY Logo?

Ever been tasked with a logo design project from a family member? The vast majority of us can vouch for this statement. Merely showing interest in the digital world can convince relatives you are a graphic design genius, resulting in gaining the responsibility to design posters, content and the all-important company logo. Although this is a cheap and cheerful solution, it can be spotted a mile away and fails to showcase your company as a premium, reputable business.

Invest for the Best

An important realisation for any business is investment is key. The longevity and top-quality service will stand the test of time for your company, particularly when it comes to design. A logo design holds an equal power status to that of your products, services and indeed your workforce. Consumers will resonate with company logos that are captivating and this will incidentally boost your reputation and position of trust and establishment.

Fake it until you Make it

As previously mentioned, a well-executed logo design holds the power to position your company as an established, reputable and premium organisation. This is a massive opportunity for businesses just starting out, providing them with an initial platform to build upon. Holding an established reputation from the get go is a massive opportunity for start-up businesses, showcasing your goals and aspirations through a recognisable and premium brand identity.

Logo Design: Where to Begin?

When embarking on a journey to achieve the perfect logo design, it is paramount to carefully consider all elements of your business, its aspirations and its purpose. You must also have a clear understanding of your audience, what they like and aspire to receive from your company. Having a logo that clients resonate with is key, showcasing your business as a customer focused organisation.

Consistency is Key

Having a stand-out logo will make your job considerably easier when it comes to designing artwork, advertisements and merchandise. The colour scheme chosen for your logo will become your staple colour scheme for all thinks design and artwork. This will reduce the time, effort and resources required when developing additional design elements, such as social media content, artwork for billboards and newspaper advertisements.

Inconsistency promotes a fragmented and unproductive reputation for a business, dropping the establishment of a recognisable brand identity and reducing trust. Holding a clear logo, theme and colour scheme will be a massive asset to your organisation, maintaining a clean image and consistent focus. In most cases, the starting point to creating a design package like this is through creating a logo.

Recognisable Logos

Once you have a brilliantly designed logo, the opportunities are endless. The goal for any business is to hold such a strong brand identity that their customers recognise them by their logo alone.

The swooped tick, the giant M, the 3 stripes… we all know them from that simple visualisation. Be it on a global scale, with the likes of Nike, McDonald’s or Adidas or a national scale, with the likes of Boojum, the Guinness Harp or the GAA, there are many instantaneously recognisable logo designs that you will be familiar with due to their unique colour palette or design style.

Moreover, the majority of recognisable logos maintain a very minimalistic design, with very little fuss and indisputably sleek.

How Kaizen can help YOU

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have designed hundreds of logos for businesses nationwide. Our experience and understanding of many market sectors and the ability to draw on our skill, ensures we are experts in logo creation. With one of the largest design studio teams, our focus is always on creating a stand-out logo to represent your business to the highest standard possible.