Let’s Talk about Label Design

Posted on: March 21, 2022 10:00 am

Glencree Whiskey Label Design

Label design is one of the most important features when creating a product. Undoubtedly, label design plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making, particularly in a physical setting, such as a supermarket.

When creating a label design, it is extremely important to develop something that will resonate with customers, explain your product clearly and effectively, as well as represent your brand and everything it stands for.

Label Design is a key marketing tool for any product at the point of sale. Whether your product is a well-known brand, recognisable to all, or a brand-new company, just starting out, the design of your label is a key way to generate interest amongst customers.

Label Design and Consumer Decision-Making

It can be argued that eye-catching labels are extremely powerful. Powerful enough to encourage customers to purchase a product, with no prior knowledge to the brand, the product itself or its reputation. Engaging and inviting label designs can be enough to persuade purchase behaviour. Incidentally, this makes the process of even more important.

We have all experienced the impact of a brilliant label. Whether we decided to switch up our shampoo due to a new eye-catching label, or swapped out our choice of washing liquid due to the beautiful display of ingredients on a new product label. Simple scenarios such as these demonstrate the importance of labelling for product perception, and show how important it is to ensure your design and quality maintains a premium standard.

When Things Go Wrong

In some situations, brands can fall victim to a poorly designed label. These mistakes can be extremely detrimental for your organisation. A pertinent and hot example of poorly designed labels can be seen in the most recent episode of The Apprentice. In this episode, the teams were tasked to create a brand-new baby food, in which one team decided to take the name ‘First Time Foodies’.

Unfortunately, poorly executed and misjudged design work was implemented and their label turned out to be a disaster. What the team thought to be a clever use of design features, replacing the 2 O’s in ‘foodies’ with food bowls, turned into a catastrophic failure, reading to clients and customers as ‘First Time Dies’.

This poorly judged label design resulted in their product receiving zero sales, further proving that no matter how good the product is, if the label does not showcase it in a brilliant light, it is unlikely to excel and achieve the recognition it deserves.

Involving the Experts

When it comes to label design, it is advised that organisations invest and involve the expertise of graphic designers in the process. From the fonts, to the imagery and graphics, to the logos and consistency, it is imperative that your design is delivered to the highest of standards, in order to promote your organisation effectively.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we recognise and understand the importance of label design and believe that every organisation should use them to their advantage, ensuring they achieve the best possible results for their product.

Label design can be considered a first impression, with customers, clients or even competitors. We are always encouraged to make a brilliant and memorable first impression and label design is no different. The aspiration is for people to engage with your label and incidentally generate a memorable experience with the product, so when they see it again in future, they are encouraged to re-purchase.

Label Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Our team of experienced graphic designers at Kaizen Brand Evolution are dedicated to creating brilliant, innovative and eye-catching label designs for organisations just like yours.

Our industry insights and first-hand knowledge allows us to determine whether your label catches someone’s attention or gets lost in the crowd. Incidentally, our team have extensive experience in working with a variety of organisations across numerous sectors, creating bespoke and innovative label designs.

We can design a label that compliments and represents your brand, without compromising on performance. Labels are a popular way for every business to add a personal touch, character or personality to their product. On top of that, they can be a cost-effective promotional method, with a great return.

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There are endless opportunities when it comes to label design for organisations. Along with numerous other advantages, the promotion of your product requires an excellent label design in order to excel and receive the recognition it deserves.

Cutting corners can save time and money but often the outcomes lead to issues and potentially catastrophic downfalls for organisations. Hence, whatever your vision, you can be sure that the team at Kaizen Brand Evolution will deliver on an excellent, innovative label design.

To discuss a creative project for your business, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.