Is it Time To Consider Rebranding Your Business?

Posted on: March 12, 2021 4:10 pm

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What is a business rebrand?

When a business rebrands itself, it changes the way it presents itself to the public through every channel (not just the website). A rebrand can impact the design of the brand (logo, color palette, typography, photography, icons, etc.), as well as the messaging of the brand (company name, value proposition, slogan, content, voice and tone, etc.) to more competitively position itself in the marketplace.

Like website redesigns, company rebrands are initiated and shaped by business goals and market realities.

Does your business need a rebrand?

Deciding when to rebrand isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s relatively easy because rebranding is about change. When your business has changed to a certain extent, it’s time to make that change. But how do you decide whether your business has changed enough to warrant a rebrand?

If you suspect that it’s actually a rebranding that your business needs, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Have the products or services we offer significantly changed since our last rebranding or inception?
  • Has our target audience evolved (demographics, perceptions, goals, budget, etc.)?
  • Is our brand out of step with current design trends and market expectations?
  • Is our messaging and/or design aesthetic inconsistent across channels (e.g., website, sales materials, business cards and email signature)?
  • Does our business lack a strong point of view?
  • Are our key audiences unable to understand what we do?
  • Are our key audiences unable to understand what we stand for?
  • Are our employees unable to consistently and succinctly say what it is that we do and the value we offer?
  • Are our internal marketing and sales teams asking for brand assets and guidelines to communicate with external audiences?
  • Is it difficult to distinguish our business from our competitors?
  • Is our brand more of a liability than an asset?

More than three yes’s indicate that you should probably consider a rebranding for your business.

What to do next?

If you have identified that your business needs to rebrand, your next step will be to find a branding agency who can help you to do this. But it can be hard to find one that suits your business and what you want from your rebrand.

Ask them questions about their processes, experience in your industry, and how they measure success. This will get you started on the path to finding the right partner that can help you execute the right project.

The investment of resources will be worth it, as it will allow you to best position your business for success in the years to come.

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out some of our favorite website redesigns and rebranding projects in our gallery of client work. If you’re interested in how Kaizen Brand Evolution can help you reach your business goals with a rebrand then you can get in touch with us here.