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Posted on: February 17, 2022 10:00 am

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Congratulations on your new brand, a wonderful achievement for your business. However, the evolution does not stop there. The next steps are just as crucial to ensure your branding is presented in the highest value possible.

Brand Implementation is an essential part of any brand creation and a step in the process that is often overlooked. A new brand is an exciting, evolutionary experience for your business. Yet, if it is not showcased appropriately, it can develop a motionless and stagnant reputation.

Don’t forget to show off what you have created!  

When conducting a brand refresh, organisations will gladly invest large sums of money into the creation of a robust and engaging brand identity. From research to design to campaign consideration, businesses will often invest as much as it takes to position their company in the best light possible. Yet, when it comes to showcasing all of this to the world, this can often fall short.

Share your ever-evolving brand

Brand Implementation is paramount, to display your brand refresh and deliver the desired message about your organisation in your industry and beyond.

When you have created your new brand, it is paramount to showcase to your customers, clients, stakeholders and wider audience that your organisation is constantly developing, growing and excelling. Promoting your rebrand is just as important, if not more important than creating it.

Tell your story

Organisations share their story through their branding. In order for a brand to be successful, people must be able to see it, hear about it and hold an engaging connection with it.

Delivering a successful Brand Implementation

Whether you have conducted a brand refresh or created a new, exciting brand from scratch, it is important to let the world in on your exciting project, as soon as possible. This can be implemented through numerous platforms, encompassing physical, digital, word-of-mouth and more.

Traditional Brand Implementation

One way to implement your brand would be through producing printable goods. Common examples of physical brand implementation would be posters, business cards and flyers. For example, if your brand is a shop, it may be a good idea for some brochures advertising the good you sell, or if you work remotely, business cards may be an ideal investment.

Here at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are lucky to have a wonderful sister company and printing studio, Kaizen Print. This service provides convenience and opportunities for our clients, wherein Kaizen Print can create premium physical products for your business. From small format, to large format printing, Kaizen Print have you covered, ensuring you have a high-quality, eye-catching brand implementation people will remember.

Digital Brand Implementation

On the other hand, digital brand implementation is an extremely widespread area of opportunity. This is how your organisation appears online, including your website, making sure it is purposeful, engaging and designed well. As well as this, it is paramount to ensure your social accounts are designed purposefully and catch the attention of online users. It is important to make the most of these useful tools to help increase your brand awareness and sales.

Digital brand implementation can be exciting and engaging across numerous platforms. At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we can help you implement this to the highest of standards. Our esteemed design team can create revolutionary designs that will be sure to make your brand promotion stand out. From website banners, to social media assets, we have your digital brand implementation covered.   

Brand Implementation is Continuous

A common occurrence that organisations can face is an initial brand implementation and a failure to continuously promote afterwards. It is important for businesses to realise that brand implementation is a continuous task and must be applied at all times.

Incidentally, brand implementation is an unremitting part of the branding, marketing and advertising process for any business. In order for an organisation to achieve and maintain recognition, brand implementation must remain continuous and steady via all communication and publication channels.

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At Kaizen, we specialise in evolving brands, creating and maintaining modern identities that you will love.

We also recognise how important continuous brand implementation is. With widespread branding experience, we have worked across a vast industry base, including hospitality, finance, IT, print and science, effectively sharing company messages, communicating their stories and delivering evolution.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We will work directly with you to showcase your company to the highest of standards.

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