How to Implement an A* Advertising Design

Posted on: April 11, 2022 10:00 am

Advertising is an extremely important promotional tool for organisations large and small. Whether your product or service is highly regarded in society, or brand new to the market, advertising design is crucial in order to generate the recognition and admiration deserved.

Advertising offers widespread prospects for businesses, across numerous sectors and industries. From traditional print advertising through newspapers, posters, billboards to modern, digital advertising through social media, websites and online advertisements, the opportunities are endless. 

When beginning an advertising campaign, it is important to take a step back and complete a thorough and comprehensive mind mapping session. When creating an advertising design, regardless of the scale or size of the project, it is imperative to ensure everything is implemented successfully, ensuring organisation reputation is maintained, brand identity is boosted and the desired promotion is achieved.

At the end of the day, advertising design is what customers, competitors, stakeholders and clients see when you are promoting your product. This exposure will lead individuals to generate opinions towards your organisation and it is crucial that the best possible outcome is achieved to guarantee success. To safeguard your business reputation throughout an advertising campaign it is paramount to ensure the right message is portrayed at every step of the process, through considered design and implementation.

Traditional Advertising Design through Print Media

As previously outlined, advertising campaigns take numerous different forms, from traditional to modern, to online and offline. When we think of advertising, we often go straight to the traditional concept, including posters, flyers, direct mail and billboards. These traditional methods of advertising design are crucial in order to generate exposure for your organisation offline.

There are widespread benefits to traditional media that are often disregarded by those who idolise the digital, instantaneous advertising opportunities. Yes, undoubtedly digital advertising is an incredible tool for promotion but the power of print media is not to be overlooked.

The Benefits of Traditional Advertising

Print advertising is a unique tool for organisations to take advantage of, wherein the published material holds a lasting impression through permanent print. Be it a poster on a busy street, or an advertisement in a newspaper, it is not going anywhere (until it is removed that is). Unlike digital advertising, print media will linger in the view of consumers for a considerable period of time. Digital media relies on an instantaneous algorithm wherein it pops up on your screen and with a quick refresh, you may never see it again.

Additionally, we have become accustomed to receiving emails and notifications on our devices and this has unfortunately resulted in a sense of disregard and disinterest in some cases. When it comes to receiving communication, the roles have certainly reversed. Once upon a time, individuals scorned at the sight of a direct mail letter arriving in their letterbox and revelled at the opportunity to open an email. Whereas now, many appear disassociated with their overflowing email inbox and take more interest in their infrequent delivery of direct mail.

Finally, there is something so magical about print media. The design, the colours, the finish are all elements that catch our attention whilst out and about. Whether we notice a billboard whilst driving on a busy motorway, or we catch sight of a poster in a shop window, or we come into possession of a business flyer whilst walking through the city centre. There is something so special about eye-catching, innovative advertising design. If implemented correctly, it can obtain a widespread reach and lasting impression amongst the public.

Modern Advertising Design through Digital Media

We are now well and truly living in the digital age. We are completely reliant on electronic devices for almost all of our everyday activities. It is important that organisations take advantage of this digital craze and implement a robust and consistent advertising campaign.

The advantages that come with promotion through digital platforms are massively advantageous for organisations large and small. From affordability to widespread reach, with an impactful advertising design, the opportunities are endless.

The Benefits of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to promotion. If implemented correctly, it can have an incomprehensible reach, all at an affordable cost.

A massive advantage of digital advertising is that in some situations, it is free. Yes, there is an element of sponsorship and promotion that requires investment and this is strongly advised in order to achieve the deserving reach for your firm. Yet, the use of free digital services is not to be disregarded and a simple post on social media, if implemented correctly, can excel beyond expectations.

Advertising design promoted through digital platforms also holds an important element of flexibility. In our ever-changing environment, information can change almost instantaneously. In order for your organisation to remain relevant and up-to-date, the use of digital advertising is advised. This will enable a sense of flexibility wherein you can amend advertising design quickly and easily where necessary, when required.

Advertising Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we work globally with organisations at a large and small scale, creating advertising design campaigns to be implemented both digitally and traditionally. From seasonal campaigns to reactionary creative concepts, we are always on hand to understand the creative brief and output the highest quality advertising designs.

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