How to Design a Custom Logo For Your Business- Step-by-Step Guide

Posted on: September 18, 2020 3:31 pm

Logo Design - Canteen, Belfast

Designing a logo seems like a cakewalk, but in the real sense, it is a quite tough and challenging task. It is not just a process of selecting and combining particular shapes, colors, and text together into one element. It is much more than that. It requires a lot of research, strategies, and planning to be done. 

Putting it in simple terms, it is an organised and strategic process of understanding the audience and business’s nature, conducting market research, analysing competitions, and designing a powerful brand’s logo based on that. 

Most businesses and brands prefer to hire a business logo design expert or company for designing their brand’s logo. They do so because they want to get the highest quality brand logo. They know and understand the values and importance of a brand logo in the development of their business. And therefore, they prefer to pick an expert logo designer instead of creating it by themselves. However, if you want to create a logo design by yourself for your business or website, you can do so. But for that, you should be aware of marketing concepts behind designing a logo. 

In this blog, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the step-by-step process of designing a custom logo for a business or website. This will help you a lot to design an effective and productive brand’s logo. Before moving to the guide, let’s have a quick look at what exactly the logo is and why it is important for the development of a business. 

What is a Logo and Why It Is Important For the Development of a Business? 

The way humans are identified by their names and faces, the same way businesses, brands, organisations are identified by their names and faces. And for them, their name is their business name and their face is a business’ logo. So, basically, a logo is an identification or face of a business, brand, or organisation. It is a flawless combination of different shapes, colors, designs, and texts that conveys a powerful message to the audience. 

It is crucial because it helps a business or brand to publicise its identity on a large scale. It attracts people and engages them with the business motive which boosts sales and revenues. This is why a logo is very important for the development of a business. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Designing a Custom Logo

You can easily design a logo within a few minutes, but that’s no use of. It would be a randomly created logo that won’t fulfill your purposes. Therefore, it is better to design a well-planned and research-based custom logo. 

Within five steps, you can easily design a powerful custom logo. However, it can take a few hours, a few days, and sometimes a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Here is how the professional logo designing process go:

Step 1 – Understanding Your Business and Audience

This is arguably the most important stage of the whole logo designing process. This sets the base for logo designing. In this stage, you need to understand the nature of your business and audience. No matter whether your business is about fashion, lifestyle, toys, or banking and finance, your brand logo must resonate with your audience and business’ nature. This is crucial for connecting your audience with your business motive. 

Step 2 – Market Analysis

Coming to the next step you need to analyse the market mood and trends. The very first thing you need to do is competitor analysis. Find out all the leading businesses that come under the same category in which your business is in. Once you get the list, analyse their marketing strategies and logo designing. Then prepare better planning and strategies to counter them. 

Step 3 – Choose a Perfect Colour Combination 

After completing all the research and analytical work, you have to choose a perfect color palette that compliments your business or products & services. You need to be very specific while choosing a particular color combination for your brand’s logo because it will convey certain emotions to your audience. 

Step 4 – Select the Text That Speaks About Your Business 

The next step is selecting the text. Basically, you can choose two different types of texts for your logo that are the main text (business name or starting alphabets of business name) and supporting text (slogan). While putting your business name in your brand’s logo, make sure it must be highlighted so that people can easily recognise your business. The slogan must be loud, appealing, and influential. You can use different fonts for different texts as per your choices or strategies. 

Step 5 – Balancing 

Once you select both colors and text, come to the next step that is balancing. To make your logo look attractive, effective, and appealing, it is very important to place the different elements of the logo in an organised way. It will balance the logo that will be attractive to the eyes. 

Step 6 – Reviewing and Making Corrections

The final step is all about reviewing your logo and making corrections if needed. You need to check the sizes of elements, graphic resolution, color contrast, placements of elements, etc. If you find any flaw, you need to make corrections.