Graphic Designer: Involve the Experts, Reap the Rewards

Posted on: June 27, 2022 12:45 pm

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creative experts who produce visual concepts both digitally and traditionally. Creating complex and innovative designs, a graphic designer aspires to inform and inspire audiences. From website design, brochures, posters and social media graphics, graphic designers hold widespread experience across numerous industries.

In the modern day, many professionals would consider themselves to be a jack of all trades (yet a master at none). In many instances, organisations fail to see the benefit of involving a professional graphic design team in their plans. Many view graphic design as a DIY opportunity. This perception can unfortunately lead to poor results and a drop in reputation. The notorious excuse for this often links to financial savings. Yet, the question to ask yourself is, “yes, you are saving money, but are you wasting time and affecting your reputation?”

Of course, the service will cost you money but involving a graphic design expert in your campaign planning and implementation will be a massive asset to your success. The return on investment is guaranteed and what you pay out in money, you will regain in reputation. This collaboration will offer your business expert design insight, creating a recognisable, innovative design that will boost both brand recognition and identity.

DIY Graphic Designer Fails

DIY graphic designers can often be spotted a mile away. A logo created on Word; a poster designed on Photoshop… hey, congrats on the resourceful creativity, it works for some but unfortunately, the majority of times it does not. Incidentally, the lack of creative expertise could cost your company credibility.

Don’t get us wrong… if done correctly, DIY graphic design can be a functional and accessible tool for organisations. Yet, it is still advised that a graphic designer is involved to implement the technical design for your business.

Ask the Expert: Gain the Insight

As well as designing all of your content, a graphic designer can provide revolutionary insight into the industry. Graphic designers are connoisseurs in their field, with an imaginative flair like no other. They hold direct insight into the dos and don’ts of the design industry and this awareness can be crucial to your success.

Stick to the Status Quo

Although investing in a graphic designer is more expensive than a do-it-yourself job, it saves immense amounts of time for your organisation. This time can then be invested into your original area of expertise.  Win-Win really!

Instead of wasting countless hours trying to implement a technical graphic design campaign in-house, it is advised that you invest your money in a professional graphic designer, who can create first-class designs, in a fraction of the time.

Create a Lasting Impression with a Graphic Designer

You have heard it a million times before, first impressions are so important. In general, people take in graphics quicker than text. We are more likely to catch attention with an exciting graphic than with an engaging paragraph.

With this in mind, the involvement of a professional graphic designer is paramount, ensuring the visual design is excellent, achieving the desired first impression.

Trustworthy Design is Key

In the modern day especially, we are becoming less trusting. Due to the rise in scams and fake news, we have become more reserved when it comes to our consumer habits. When buying a product or service, consumers seek out reliable, identifiable brands to trust and purchase from.

A business should always aim to hold a recognisable brand identity. To ensure this, organisations must implement consistent designs to create and maintain a familiar company recollection with customers, clients and competitors.

Remaining consistent in design is key and without professional training, it can be difficult to maintain this. Graphic designers are familiar with remaining consistent through brand guidelines, sticking to agreed fonts, design, colour palette and measurements. Doing this will ensure a distinct brand, constantly boosting identity and remaining competitive in your industry.

Graphic Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, graphic design is our forte. We have executed a huge portfolio of design projects in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and beyond. Our esteemed reputation did not happen by accident, our design studio boasts and expertise, ensuring your graphic design is implemented to the highest standard possible.

From logo design, poster design, social graphics to vinyl signage, we have you covered.

If you are interested in involving a Graphic Designer in your brand, please contact our studio by calling us on +44 (0)28 95 072 007, emailing us at or filling out the form on our contact page.