Graphic Design Belfast – What a studio like ours does on any given day

Posted on: October 27, 2020 8:47 am


So what does a Graphic Designer in Belfast do….

We have worked on hundreds of graphic design projects in Belfast. From working with clients in the Hospitality industry, to the Medical Industry and from Professional Services to Sporting Governing Bodies, and pretty much everything in between.

The term graphic in graphic design literally means a visual that is proper and accurate. The designing part in graphic design is for creating a specific message in a professional and artistic way. The aim here is to produce a piece of visual information for a target audience. The term graphic design also stands for visual communication or communication design.

The creative process involves the client and graphic designer. To create memorable design pieces, the designer uses different visual arts, typography skills, images and layout techniques. The arrangement of various design elements in a graphic design depends on the media such as posters, logos, package, website, etc.

By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimise the user experience.

Why do you need a Graphic Designer in Belfast?

No one can do every work individually without any help. Everyone requires some professional help and ideas to make things better and alluring. Graphic Designers are trained in their ability to attract customers through design. Also, to portray a message effectively through design. To be done correctly, it requires a creative expert. Someone who can combine design, creativity and technology in order to communicate a message. 

But if you’re not convinced just yet, here are our top 5 reasons why you need a Graphic designer in Belfast:

First Impression is the Last Impression

Graphic designing is important for a positive and lasting impression of any business. Good graphic design will ensure you make the right one. A business card, an online ad or a page on your website may be the first business graphic that a prospect may encounter, so any business may need an expert graphic designer.

Creativity to stay ahead of competitors

Graphics Designing is necessary for any business looking to stay ahead in the competition. Create content in an innovative way that may solve a problem or promote an idea. Moreover, great business comes with great showcasing.

For Building Credibility

Graphic designing is important for any business who wants to build credibility in their respective fields. A good content that solves the problem of the audience will make them trust your advice and start to regard you as an expert in your field. Thus, create content consistently to build a dedicated following of people who believe in your messages.

Efficiency and Productivity

If the graphics are badly designed, it can have a negative impact on the worker’s productivity and the workplace’s efficiency. A business’ website is an area that should be perfectly designed and doesn’t create any headache or customers to surf your website. A practical design must have easy navigation, legible fonts, and attractive colors.

Your message signifies

Every business has a story and it needs to be communicated to the audience rightly. Every single element in your design matters and signifies any emotion or feeling that supports your message.

Types of Graphic Design 

At Kaizen, we have worked on a huge range of graphic design projects in Belfast. You name it, we have done it. Anything from business card design right up to billboard design. And everything in between. 

All our graphic Design Services can be found here on our website. But we have listed our most popular ones below. 

Logo Design 

Logo design is vitally important to any business or brand. It is the primary identifier of your organisation and commonly clients will associate it with the experience they have with your business. Think of your favourite brand, and you will be able to picture the logo clearer than you will the typeface or name. Logo design is often the first step in any brand development and should be considered at the earliest stages of business planning.

Campaign Design 

A great campaign is something that a brand can really shout about. It’s often the cornerstone of the rebranding process, where it brings everything that has been done together, and lets you launch your company to the next level. It’s because of this reason that the campaign needs to be perfect. If just one element is unclear, it can negate the impact of your campaign and the opportunity it presents.

Advertising Design 

Advertising can and does cover a whole host of opportunities; everything from print advertising to digital material such as websites, social channels and PPC advertising. When it comes to advertising design, whether it is a complete campaign review, or just a small one-off advert, it’s vitally important that everything is done to absolute perfection. Your advertising is what your customers see and feel when you are promoting your product, service or business. Ensure the right message is portrayed at every step of the process through considered advertising designs.

Billboard & Adshel Design 

Bigger is better right? Well, you don’t get a much bigger advertising opportunity than 48-Sheet or 96-Sheet billboards. When you are marketing at a local or national level, a graphic design team that understands how to create impactful out of home advertising is critical to your project’s success.

Designing at scale for outdoor advertising purposes requires consideration for many elements not required in other design functions. Visibility while in transit is critical and our team always suggests a less is more approach to your roadside advertising designs.

Poster Design 

Posters have been at the forefront of advertising and marketing since its inception, and are used by almost every company and organisation across the UK & Ireland, not just Belfast. It’s because of this, that it is imperative when designing a poster that you use a design studio with expertise and experience in this field. People that are looking at these posters everyday, need to be able to read them. They need to be able to understand what exactly is going on and act upon your sales message. Whether you need an A3 short run digital poster or an A0 nightclub poster, we’ve created thousands of poster designs for organisations like yours.

Annual Report Design 

Annual reports are an integral part of communicating with key stakeholders in your organisation. They are however often text heavy documents with financial data that can often be overwhelming to stakeholders. To achieve exceptional and engaging annual report design our design team will create a clear system of delivering financial reports. We will create engaging infographics where appropriate and will always use best practice typography and type layout to ensure a consistent and easy to follow content structure.

Pitch Deck Design

Some of the greatest brands in the world were first communicated to potential investors, stakeholders and partners through the use of pitch deck design. While the content of course is king in a pitch deck, how effectively and efficiently the message is communicated can have impact the recipients. We are experts in presentation and pitch deck design, working with some of the countries leading brands and most innovative startups, creating engaging presentations.

Menu Design 

Menus are one of the most important pieces of marketing and sales materials available to restaurateurs. A well crafted menu will not only drive increased sales, but assist in directing customers to the purchases you wish to sell more of.

As a design studio our team understands the psychology of purchasing and how design can influence this. Our team of dedicated graphic designers have undertaken thousands of menu design projects throughout our business and they use this knowledge and skill set to great use in creating your menu design.

So now that you know what we do as Graphic Designers, we have a blog post dedicated to ‘Why You Should Hire A Graphic Designer’.

If you are in need of a Graphic Designer in Belfast, please don’t hesitate to contact our studio by calling us on +44 (0)28 95 072 007, emailing us at or filling out the form on our contact page.