Getting into Graphic Design

Posted on: October 28, 2020 4:37 am

A Career in Graphic Design

Belfast is a wonderful, vibrant city, that is producing some of the world’s greatest graphic design talent. We have design agencies leading world-wide world-class companies through strategic design support and the emerging talent from our local Universities is a testament to the consideration and uptake of the graphic design and media courses that are taught by local and international lecturers.

The level and quality of Graphic Designers in Belfast is incredible and the future of reach of our services internationally is promising prospect. However, for those looking to find out more about this career choice, there’s little by way of information in the who, what and why of graphic design. Today, with a little input from our senior team, we’re bringing you a resource on how to get into graphic design and how you can plan your career in graphic design or other specialisms such as: Branding, Motion Graphics, Illustration

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of creating visual outputs. There are a number of elements to graphic design that are used together to create communication pieces. These include typography, photography, iconography and illustration. As a graphic designer you will use text and imagery to create media files that can be used digitally or in printed outputs such as brochures, leaflets and more.

Within graphic design there are a number of different specialisms that all fall within visual communications. These include: branding, motion graphics, illustration, typography. Each of these methods of design are used by graphic designers to create corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), wayfinding or environmental design, advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging, and signage.

Studying Design in Belfast

Within the University of Ulster, Belfast, there is a specific degree Graphic Design and Illustration
BDes (Hons)
that is a highly accredited and well taught course – It is currently the main path of learning that main of our Belfast based graphic designers use to start or further their career in the industry. Other respected courses include Interactive Multimedia Design or Illustration undergraduate degrees, both taught at the University of Ulster also.

Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic Design is a promising career choice for many and Belfast as a City has a huge reputation for producing some of the worlds greatest graphic design talent. With the nature of this career, your skills are transferrable world-wide. As a digital media mainly, this allows you to work remotely both from your company and for your clients.

At Kaizen for example some of our clients are located as far away as New York or Hong Kong. The quality of our work has allowed us to deliver great graphic design projects internationally.

All of the good graphic design agencies in Belfast will always be happy to receive a CV from a designer, so never fear dropping a portfolio and cv in an email to them. They may not have current opportunities open, but will be happy to keep your details on file if a role does come us.

You can send us your CV via the contact form.

Aside from working for a graphic design agency like Kaizen Brand Evolution, there are many roles available for graphic designers in-house within a company. We would often make the argument that a designer should experience both the pace and output required at agency level and the specific brand focus a designer must have working in-house. This will give anyone a more rounded career path and ultimately more opportunities in their career.

Events & Exhibitions

As a new or studying graphic designer, it’s wise to get involved at events within your industry. Many of the design agencies in the city will host multiple events year-round. These are not only great from a learning perspective but also a great opportunity for you to network and meet your peers within the industry. Like any business, design is tough, and putting yourself out there is required. Make real world connections and these will last you a life time.

Since 2015, Belfast Design Week happens in early November. This wonderful collection of events, seminars and activities all across the city is the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the industry and educate yourself in facets of graphic design you may be unfamiliar with.

Tomorrows Design Leaders

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we are committed to helping develop the next generation of graphic designers in Belfast. Each year we are happy to invite students into our studio to work alongside our creative teams and get a meaningful experience working in a fast-paced graphic design and branding studio. Recruitment for these roles usually starts in May of each year.

You can read about Oskar’s experience working within our Web Development Team over the past 12 months here.

We wish you the very best of luck in your graphic design career and hope you found this article somewhat useful in helping to decide on or further your career in graphic design.