Four Questions That Need To Be Answered In Your Business Pitch Deck

Posted on: January 11, 2021 8:25 am

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As a business enthusiast or entrepreneur, you better know that you need financing to start or keep running your business. It is often not possible to raise that fund or capital from your own capital and your partners’ capital. It is so because generally, a business needs a large amount of money or capital to get started and keep running. Therefore, you need to raise capital from external sources to start or keep running your business. 

Now, you might be wondering what external sources are from the perspective of raising capital for your business. If you have enough knowledge and understanding of starting a business, then it (external source) might not be a new term for you as it is very common in business. But if you are new to the business field, it might be an unknown term for you. If it is so, we are here to guide you. 

What Are External Sources to Raise Funds For Businesses? 

A business mainly depends on two major sources to raise its capital. Those include internal sources and external sources. 

Internal sources include the capital of business owners and partners. While the external sources majorly include shareholders or stakeholders and investors. 

Generally, a company or business sells its shares to stockholders and investors and alongside gives them certain rights of the company. That’s how a company raises its capital from external sources. 

However, to attract investors and stakeholders to invest in your company, you must have a well-prepared business plan. And that you can display using a powerful business pitch deck. 

What is a Business Pitch Deck?  

A business pitch deck is a brief yet detailed presentation of your business plan, the thought behind starting your business, products, services, potential growth in the market, benefits, possible challenges, solutions, etc. These days, it plays a very crucial role in growing a business as it attracts stakeholders and investors and influences their decision-making. 

So, it is very important to have an effective business pitch deck if you want your business to flourish in the market. 

To create your presentation deck design, you can take professional assistance from brand designing agencies or printing companies. They will certainly professionally help you with this. 

But before you hire a brand design agency, you must prepare effective and engaging content for your business pitch deck. 

Here we have compiled four different questions of investors and stakeholders that you need to satisfyingly answer in your business pitch deck. Let’s have a look at those four questions. 

Four Common Questions of Investors That Need To Be Answered 

Generally, investors want to know a lot about your company, products, services, future plans, benefits, etc. before making their investment. And so, they often have a big list of questions. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to answer all their questions and that too in a satisfying manner. If you fail to do so, you can lose many potential investors and stakeholders. So, you must keep this in mind. 

Here are four common questions of investors that you need to clearly answer in your business pitch deck. 

1. What are the potential benefits of investing in your business?

This is the most common question that investors ask business owners. So, you must be well-prepared for answering this question. 

Of course, as a business owner, you will be having some potential benefits on offer for investors. You just need to pitch those benefits impactfully to investors. Try to focus on those benefits which you are exceptionally providing to your investors. This will certainly help you influence the decision-making of investors. 

Apart from this, make sure the list of benefits must be both in your mind and on slides. 

2. What makes you stand out in the market? 

Investors have a number of options in the market to invest their money. And so, they can invest in any company as per their preferences. They will ask you why they should invest in your company and what are the things that make your business stand out in the market. So, you must have logical answers to these questions so that you can satisfy them and convince them to invest in your business. 

3. What are your strategies to outperform the competition?  

Investors want to know how you will beat the competition in your market and what are strategies you are focusing on to outperform your competitors. You have to answer this sensibly because a single mistake or irrationality in your answer can result in losing a number of investors. So, use the data, reports, and surveys logically to explain your strategies to outperform your competitors. 

4. How can your business survive for the long-term?  

This is another very crucial question. Generally, this question is asked by those investors who plan for doing investment for a long time. So, if you want them to invest in your business, you need to clearly explain to them how you are going to survive for the long-term in the highly competitive market. And for that, you have to do good preparation.  

Apart from these four questions, there are more you should include in your pitch deck presentation. You can explore those questions on the internet.