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Posted on: January 10, 2022 10:00 am

Glencree Whiskey Label Design

The importance of an eye-catching and engaging label design is significant. Labels are not only informative and explanatory, they are a gateway into the exploration of a product or service.

Label design is a key marketing tool for any product or service at the point of sale. After the detailed creation, development and finalisation, your product requires an exciting and attractive promotion to catch the attention of consumers and generate the desired sales.

A Label Design that makes you LOOK

It has happened to us all… the lure of an eye-catching label has sucked us into interest. From pester power at the toy store, with beautiful barbie dolls boasting bright labels to curiosity at the convenience store, picking up a bottle of wine, simply for its ‘lovely’ label.

Situations like these are all too common for consumers and it is paramount for organisations to target this area of interest, creating labels that simply cannot be ignored.

Getting a label design right is no simple task. It requires detailed consideration and execution, incorporating the all-important characteristics that will generate interest and sales.

Uniform Branding in Label Design

When developing a label, it is important to stick to your in-house branding style as much as you can, ensuring your existing customers instantly recognise your product and potential new customers gain brand recognition and familiarity.

Maintaining a uniform design in all of your label designs will be a rewarding process. A uniform design will ensure consumers instantaneously recognise a product. This familiarity can persuade consumers to purchase it if they hold favourable opinions towards your brand. For example, although Kellogg’s have an endless selection of cereal products with unique design, they remain uniform and recognisable due to the familiar Kellogg’s logo and in-house design.

Figure out your Font

When it comes to branding, it is crucial to maintain a consistent design. This is no different with label design, particularly when it comes to font. Fonts are a vital element in the process, delivering arguably the most important details on the label, the product outline and information.

It is advisory when developing a label to limit the number of different fonts used. An overflow of font designs will make your label look cheap and difficult to read, this will immediately appear off-putting and reduce product interest.

Secondly, the size and positioning of fonts is also important to consider. Ensuring the font is the correct size avoids a crowded or difficult to read label. A balanced and visually attractive label will boast carefully measured font distribution.

Does your Label Design need Images?

When developing a label design, as previously mentioned, it is important to incorporate your in-house branding and design. Different companies will have different elements as part of their design package, some will have a stand-out logo, others will include a mascot or a catchy slogan.

Whatever your organisation boasts as part of your brand identity, it is important to incorporate this, where possible in label design. Implementing this gives your consumer a quick and familiar way to differentiate and recognise your product from its label.

Colour Co-Ordination

To put it quite simply, we are all attracted to colours, particularly bright and exciting colours. The way your product is perceived on the shelf in a store or through a scroll on a website, initially depends on the colours used in the label design, therefore it is paramount that this is implemented correctly.

Similarly to fonts, images and logos, your organisation will host an in-house colour scheme, that is recognisable to customers and unique to your brand. When developing a label design, it is advisory that you utilise your brand colours, to boost brand identity and engage in a recognisable way with consumers. Additionally, the brighter the better when it comes to colour. The goal is to make the product jump off the shelf to the attention of consumers and the incorporation of bright and joyful colours will certainly contribute to an engaging label design.

Mesmerise with Metallic Label Design

If your brand is promoting a premium product, why not go that extra mile to promote luxuriousness through your label design. Foil blocking is a beautiful embellishment used to showcase products of a high-standard in a deluxe fashion.

When a product is of a premium standard, it is important to showcase this through label design, ensuring it stands out from the crowd and is promoted to a high-standard, as deserved. Moreover, when consumers are seeking goods of a luxury status, they will expect and seek-out a refined and sophisticated label.

Label Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Our team of graphic designers have extensive experience working with a wide range of business to create exciting and attention-grabbing labels. We can design a label that elevates your brand, without compromising on design or performance. Labels are a popular way for every business to add a personal touch to their product. On top of that, they can be a cost-effective method with a great return.

To discuss a creative project for your business, get in touch with our team via the contact form or on 028 95072007.