Event Design: Make it a Day to Remember

Posted on: March 31, 2022 11:21 am

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As we finally relax back into the swing of events, why not consider a revamp? There is no time like the present to inject some newness into your event design assets.

Many organisations attend or host numerous events across the working calendar. Whether you are attending a trade show or hosting an awards night, it is crucial that you maintain a consistent event design across all your materials.

When you are attending, or hosting an event, it is important to showcase to attendees what you have to offer. Presenting your organisation in a premium, high-quality manner is a brilliant way to boost your company reputation, as well as evoke interest in your brand.

Events are an exciting opportunity to network with others. After a long 2 years of restrictions, we are finally getting the opportunity to attend and host events. With this hiatus, many of us have taken time out to rebrand, evolve and grow. What better way to showcase your evolution than through event design?

The Importance of Event Design

Creating event branding will be a massive benefit for organisations. Event design offers a massive opportunity to boost brand awareness through consistent exposure, to offer an impactful and unforgettable experience.

By promoting your organisation through recognisable, engaging and exciting event design, attendees will build a rapport with your company, boosting your brand position for future opportunities.

Logo Design

Whether you are simply attending an event, or you are hosting your own, you need to have a stand-out, professional logo. Particularly when you are hosting an event, it is beneficial to have a logo to represent the event itself.

Logo design is the primary identifier for your organisation. This is no different when it comes to events. Individuals will associate an event or experience with a logo. For example, when we think of the Oscars, we think of the famous golden man, with Comic Relief, our minds instantly go to the red nose and for Children in Need, Pudsey Bear.

It is undeniable that when we think of popular events, we instantly picture the logo before we acknowledge the organisations typeface or name. With this in mind, it is paramount to place significant importance on developing a logo within event design in the early stages of planning and implementation.

Advertising Design

Once your organisation has established a logo design for your event, the next step is design. In order to promote the event, whether you are attending one or hosting one, you will need promotional advertising, such as posters, brochures, online graphics and potentially, billboards and adshels.

Advertising your event is a crucial step in the process in order to gain exposure with relevant bodies, including potential attendees, potential sponsors and stakeholders.

A successful event design will maintain consistency across the board. This will be implemented throughout the advertising design concept, ensuring the same colour palette, typography, brand guidelines and imagery are utilised across the board.

The benefits of consistency are massive, boosting customer recognition and building a reputation for your organisation and your event. Whether it is a promotional poster, an online post, or an information brochure distributed at the event, it is important that these elements maintain a similar design and personality. 

Wayfinding Design

Attention to detail is key when it comes to event design. Attendees will notice the finer details and the consideration of this will stand in your organisations favour.

A design feature that would be a beneficial consideration for organisations when implementing event design would be wayfinding. Wayfinding design is a bespoke method of navigation within an establishment.

When hosting or attending an event, it is important that attendees feel welcome and comfortable.  Incorporating wayfinding into your event design would be a plausible touch. Providing easy navigation through wayfinding will make an attendees journey straightforward and more enjoyable. Additionally, your branding will be visible to all, at every point in the process. 

Menu Design

Depending on your type of event, menu design may be a beneficial incorporation. For certain events, particularly awards or dances, there is a meal included. It is human nature when attending an event to head straight to the menu to see what is on offer.

Why not add a special touch by personalising your menu design to align with your brand guidelines? Menu design at an event will promote your organisation even further, displaying branding across all tables and guaranteeing interest.

The Benefits of Event Design

Event design is a massively beneficial tool, promoting a top-class reputation and providing an inclusive feel for attendees. Whatever the definitive aim of your event is, whether it’s to boost brand exposure, advance awareness on a topic or promote sales and subscriptions, the journey an attendee takes from start to finish needs to be subtly and strategically designed.

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