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Posted on: January 31, 2022 10:00 am

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In recent times, the involvement of online communication and digital presentations has increased in our daily lives. Whether it is meetings, events or presentations, we now have multiple options for the structure of this communication; be it in person, on zoom or via communication platforms such as email.

The importance of creating an engaging and interactive digital presentation has never been more important. Due to the massive increase in digital screentime, we get bored more quickly and we lose focus more easily. Unless continuously stimulated and engaged, people fail to take in information. Essentially, your presentation can fall on deaf ears and hazy eyes.

Nevertheless, these occurrences can be avoided by creating breakthrough and engaging content, particularly through digital presentations. To make an impact, people must be impressed. Impressive presentations include ground-breaking graphics; including animation, eye-catching imagery and appropriate and engaging content.

Additionally, impactful digital presentations take time, effort and experience. It is important to consider the reputation of your presentation and invest accordingly. Involving a professional graphic design team will be an invaluable tool when developing a presentation, taking a cutting-edge approach and exceeding your competitors standards. 

Reasons to Invest in a Digital Presentation

The benefits of a professionally created digital presentation are endless. A premium presentation will position your organisation as a top-quality brand, allowing you to showcase your work to clients, customers and colleagues smoothly, professionally and confidently.

If you are an independent professional, potentially running your own business, you are likely to often run your own events or attend trade shows. In this situation, a digital presentation is extremely beneficial, providing a one-click performance to fit in with your busy schedule.

Additionally, if your role requires a one to one meeting with clients, customers or even interviewees, a digital presentation could be an essential tool in boosting your productivity. Involving a professional graphic designer allows you to focus your time and attention on other areas, with knowledge that your digital presentation is in good hands, with the professionals.

Digital Presentations at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we have vast industry experience in creating exciting, informative and interactive digital presentations. Our creative leaders host business, branding and design presentations all over the country and more recently to an international audience via Zoom.

We understand just how tough it can be to keep an audience’s attention without the appropriate resources. That’s where we come in! Using our experienced background in design, we can help tailor fit your digital presentations and pitch deck designs to ensure your audiences large and small are impressed and engaged.

A digital presentation with Kaizen could be enormously advantageous for your business. Rest assured that your presentation will be purposeful, stylish and align with your company tone of voice and brand identity.

How Do We Create Digital Presentations?

To create a revolutionary digital presentation, our team of graphic designers will initially work collaboratively with you to incorporate all the necessary assets, such as content, images, logos and brand assets. We are understanding that not all organisations have a bank of elaborate assets, therefore we will do our best to accommodate you with licensed imagery to suit your brand identity and your digital presentation if necessary.

In our experience, less is more when it comes to creating memorable and engaging designs. We recommend keeping copy to a minimum, allowing you to do the explaining collaboratively with your audience.

Once we have worked with your team to gain an in-depth understanding of your brand and digital presentation brief, we will begin the design journey. To ensure you are happy with the content, we will work on a small number of slides initially and share these with you for approval. Once you are happy with the progress, our team of graphic designers will work their magic on your presentation.

Need to Edit your Digital Presentation?

We understand that things are changing constantly. The importance of easy access to editing functions is key, ensuring figures, dates and content remains relevant.

When initially discussing your digital presentation design with you, our team will confirm your chosen software platform. We recommend using a software platform that you are proficient in and are comfortable using for editing and making amendments. Our most popular presentation software platforms are Powerpoint, Keynote, Visme and Prezi. However, if you use a bespoke system, we can work to accommodate this. 

Once your digital presentation is completed, we will provide a final document in your chosen format, allowing you to edit and amend, when and if you need to. This feature will ensure your digital presentation is up to date and relevant. Additionally, we will also provide your presentation as screen-ready in PDF format for your convenience.

Are you considering involving a professional graphic design team to create your digital presentation for your next event, meeting or pitch? Look no further. Our experienced graphic design team are happy to discuss a project with you. Through knowledge and expertise, we can assist you in your digital presentation journey, every step of the way.

Get in touch with our team on 028 9507 2007 or email us via the contact form.