Create an A* Annual Report Design

Posted on: September 22, 2022 2:06 pm

Irish Football Association Annual Report Design - Kaizen Brand Evolution annual report design

An annual report design is a vital puzzle piece for any company, showcasing pertinent information to clients, stakeholders, shareholders, employees, the public and media. A brilliant annual report will not only provide relevant company information for those who are currently involved with the organisation but it will also play a dynamic role in the company marketing plan, targeting new customers and clients.

An annual report is a detailed file that delivers a wide-ranging report on company activities and progress throughout the past year. Fundamentally, an annual report gives an external insight into the internal workings of an organisation.

Don’t include too much info!

The fast-paced environment we now live in, leaves diminutive time and patience for the traditional, text heavy annual report design we were once accustomed to. Overdetailed and under visualised annual reports present not only a tedious task to read, but an overwhelming experience for stakeholders and potential investors. It is paramount for organisations to promote an engaging and user-friendly annual report, in order to remain competitive and efficient.

The purpose of an annual report is to showcase information and it can be understandably difficult to put a limit on the detail included. Kaizen promotes the utilisation of space, carefully curating an organised design, breaking up text with engaging and informative infographics. In addition, it is recommended that written information is separated into reduced, manageable sections, promoting a clear format and interesting read.

Always look out for ways to EVOLVE your annual report design

The possibilities are endless. It is important to leverage the opportunities provided, engaging with both existing clients and potential new clients.

All companies are experienced in the process of setting goals and working towards achieving them. At Kaizen, we believe that this should be no different with your annual report design. Initially, you must ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve in sharing your annual report as it is an important component in appealing to and engaging with potential clients.

It is paramount that your organisation holds a competitive edge and this can be achieved through breaking the traditional mould and involving a more modernised annual report. Kaizen Brand Evolution believe an effectively designed annual report can leverage trust, engagement and interest for your organisation, all of which are required when entering a new business year.

Use Infographics and engaging imagery

Annual reports were once viewed primarily as a detailed and heavy document, dreaded to create and dreaded to read. However, through design evolution, annual reports are moving away from these heavy layouts to a cleaner and image friendly design. Kaizen Brand Evolution believe that visualising your data through infographics is key to achieve an engaging and balanced read, replacing text with interactive images and graphs that explain and promote the company on a more understanding and exciting level.

Maintain a Familiar Brand Identity

Like everything in an organisation, brand identity is paramount. The goal for any company is to withhold a recognisable and engaging image, that can be spotted continuously and immediately. This is no different for an annual report design, using the company colours and fonts to layout a familiar design for the reader. Kaizen promote a simplified colour usage for annual reports as we believe an influx of unnecessary colour can crowd the design, which once again would appear heavy and overwhelming. Additionally, it is important to maintain a consistent and identifiable typography. Often overlooked, text holds power in brand identity and using the correct text and font will steer the attention of the reader to key information.

How Kaizen Brand Evolution can refurbish your Annual Report Design

Kaizen work with a wide variety of companies, encompassing public, private and third sector organisations. We pride ourselves in our prompt understanding of your organisation, recognising the opportunities to showcase your information in an engaging and informative design.

Kaizen Brand Evolution strive to change your annual report design for the better.