Crack the Consumer with Label Design

Posted on: July 5, 2022 2:01 pm

Glencree Irish Whiskey - Label Design

Label Design is an important element of your marketing plan for any product at the point of sale. Whether your product is highly regarded and recognisable or brand new to the market, the importance of a premium label design remains the same. The design of your packaging is a key way to generate new interest amongst customers, as well as target those who are familiar with your brand.

Aside from looking good on the shelf, labels provide important and necessary information to customers, helping you create an enlightening and explanatory first impression of your product.

Your label is your voice

Your label acts as a voice for all of your hard work. After the detailed creation, development and finalisation of your product, the label design is considered. No matter how amazing your product is, without an impressive label, it can easily go unnoticed. Your product needs an exciting and attractive label promotion in order to catch the attention of consumers and generate the desired and deserving sales.

The power of a label

We all do it. Scan the shelves for an attractive label to assist us in our consumer decision-making. The power of label design plays a pivotal role in product perception. Hence, the importance of ensuring your label design is up to standard is imperative.

What makes an attractive label? Like everything, beauty is subjective and you are not going to please all audiences with your design. Yet, it is undeniable that some product labels seem to jump out on the shelf, whilst others go unnoticed.

Some characteristics, combined with various psychological factors, can easily determine whether your label catches someone’s attention or gets lost in a sea of similar products. Studies have shown that the most successful of all product labels tend to share some very simple, common attributes.

Brand identity in label design

Like absolutely everything, sticking to your brand identity when creating a label design is key. Brands should always be striving to boost their identity with new audiences, as well as maintain recognition with their existing customers.

Following through with a consistent design for all items in your portfolio will be extremely rewarding for your brand identity. Upholding an unvarying design in all of your product labels will be a rewarding process. This will boost brand recognition and persuade consumers to repeat purchase it if they hold positive opinions towards your brand.

Font and colour, keep it consistent!

When designing a label for your product, it is important to maintain consistency across the board. This means across all areas, including font, imagery and colour scheme. To the average person, these features may consciously go unrecognised but do not question the power minor elements hold in the bigger picture.

Fonts are a vital element in the process, delivering arguably the most important details on the label, the product outline and information. Limiting the number of fonts being used when creating a label design is key. Striving for a uniform, premium design is the goal and alternating fonts will reduce this, making your label design look informal and difficult to read.

Whilst font patterns can often go unnoticed, colour patterns do not. As consumers, we often recognise a brand through their colour palette before anything else. We are all attracted to colours, particularly bright ones.

As said time and time again, consistency is key. Every organisation maintains an in-house colour palette in which they use as part of their brand identity. When developing your label design, it is crucial that you stick to this and implement your recognisable brand colours. The goal is to make the product jump off the shelf to the attention of consumers and the combination of lively and joyful colours will undoubtedly lead to a fetching label design.

Label Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, our team of graphic designers have extensive experience working with a wide range of organisations to create exciting and attention-grabbing labels.

We can design a label that elevates your brand, without compromising on design or performance. Labels are a popular way for every business to add a personal touch to their product. On top of that, they can be a cost-effective method with a great return.

To discuss a project for your business, get in touch via the contact form or on 028 95072007.