COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant

Posted on: September 23, 2020 3:01 pm

Covid-19 Digital Selling Grant

The Minister for the Economy has launched a new £1 million COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant (DSCG) from Invest Northern Ireland

Aimed at helping retail and wholesale businesses grow online sales, DSCG is part of a wider COVID-19 support package to help eligible businesses progress recovery plans, strengthen supply chains, develop new products and access finance.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we can deliver each of the eligible activities for your organisation to create a capable and robust selling platform, supported by industry leading digital marketing strategy.

Our approach to such projects will be led by the data we can use to make informed decisions about the current digital marketing efforts, how this creates traffic and then how this traffic converts effectively into transactions. Below we outline our activity in each of the eligible sections available within the grant.

Some of digital clients already include: Boojum, Kaizen Print (obviously), RHK Cocktails & Slims Healthy Kitchen.

To discuss a digital selling capability project please get in touch with our client services team on 028 9507 2007.

For more information on the grant itself, please visit the NI Business Info website.

Research to Identify Relevant Benchmarks

Our analytics teams will conduct a thorough in-depth review of the markets the organisation operates in. We will identify relevant benchmarks through which to compare effectiveness of the proposed activity and to set a baseline for this project. A report will be provided to present a user-friendly interpretation of the data.

Review of Current Digital Marketing Capabilities and Online Sales Channels

Taking an objective view of current presence and activity, we will respectfully review the sales and digital marketing channel. We will analyse the data collected where available and where not available make suggestions to support data collection for future projects.

Where available we will review the sales channel analytics data to understand how and where customers visit the site as well as what they do on their sales journey.

Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy to Maximise Online Presence

Using our extensive experience in this area we will focus on the relevant digital marketing activities suitable to your organisation. We will deliver a strategy that will have the greatest impact and value addition to the organisation. We will build off-site and on-site processes and plans that can be adopted by your in-house team for output. Where current systems in use are to be retained, we will be respectful of obligations and integrations they may support.

Develop an e-Commerce Strategy to Drive Sustainable Growth in Online Sales

Our team will provide the strategy and plan across a suite of areas all focused on delivering increased sales. This will include increasing traffic, reducing store abandonment, reducing cart abandonment, increasing customer retention and engagement.

Implement an Enhanced Online e-Commerce System or Improvements to Your Existing e-Commerce Solution for the Business

Reviewing current e-commerce functionality in line with the organisations objectives we will review if it is the most suitable option for the organisation. In the case where the system requires optimisation or development to become more effective we will provide suggestions and costs. Our team will provide a report to support and justify our suggestions in this area.

Training and Knowledge Transfer to Develop the Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Capability of the Employees for the Business

Our digital marketing and web development teams will provide a training series to support the knowledge transfer of all systems used to deliver and develop the online capabilities of the organisation. We will ensure adequate reporting guidance is provided to support the organisation as a whole

Improve Integration and Automation with existing e-Commerce Systems

Where existing e-commerce functionality can be improved upon, Kaizen will make suggestions and act where appropriate to deliver enhanced integration within systems and automations to support increased efficiency.

To discuss a digital project with our team or to find out more how our web development and digital marketing teams can assist your business, please get in touch with us on 028 9507 2007.